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Welcome to your exclusive content page, where you can delve deeper into the story of England. Watch videos, browse backdated issues of your Members' Magazine and read articles about our historic properties or why not have a go at one of our many quizzes to test your historical knowledge?

Songs of England

In this video series in collaboration with The Nest Collective, we explore the stories behind traditional English folk songs that have connections to historic places.

  • The Bedfordshire May Carol

    Sam Lee and Matt Thompson talk about this traditional May carol, performed in days gone by on the doorsteps of homes such as Wrest Park. 

  • High Germany

    Join Sam Lee and Matt Thompson as they discuss a song that evokes the many partings that have taken place at Pendennis Castle over the centuries.

  • John Barleycorn

    Join Sam Lee and Matt Thompson as they discuss a song about a fictional man's murder and burial, with Stonehenge a fitting match for this dark tale.

  • The Four Loom Weaver

    Join Sam Lee and Matt Thompson as they discuss 'The Four Loom Weaver', a traditional song that reflects the Industrial Revolution and the Iron Bridge.

  • The Old Garden Gate

    Join Sam Lee and Matt Thompson as they discuss 'The Old Garden Gate', a mournful tale inspired by Audley End House and Gardens.

  • When Fortune Turns the Wheel

    Join Sam Lee and Matt Thompson as they discuss 'When Fortune Turns the Wheel', a traditional parting song inspired by Hadrian's Wall.

  • Sweet Nightingale, Tintagel Castle

    Join Sam Lee and Matt Thompson as they discuss 'Sweet Nightingale', thought to have been imported from Germany by Cornish tin miners in the 1800s.

  • The Whitby Lad, Whitby Abbey

     Join Sam Lee and Matt Thompson as they examine the musical tale of the 'Whitby Lad', a wayward boy sentenced to life in a penal colony in Australia.

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Meet the Experts

From falconry to cookery, and even historical make-up, our experts help us to bring to life the fascinating stories of our sites. Meet some of those 'in the know' as they share their knowledge and experiences with us.

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History Rediscovered

Our expert historians and curators provide the most up-to-date insights, unveiling the secrets of some of the most important historic sites in the country. We invite you to step into England's story with historical articles and features created especially for you.

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From Stonehenge to Queen Victoria, test your history know-how with our quizzes. Whether just challenging yourself or hosting a virtual quiz with family and friends, we've got your history rounds covered. We've even got quizzes just for kids!

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