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Meet our Horses

Visit our resident horses and get up close to the reality of daily life in a Victorian stable, in all its mucky, smelly glory.

Follow the horses throughout the day, explore our fascination exhibition and have a go at dressing up as a Victorian stable worker.

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Horses through History

Horses have been an important part of Audley End's history. The families who lived here would have relied on them for transport, as they would have travelled by carriage, and for leisure pursuits such as hunting. 

When Lord and Lady Braybrooke lived here, there would have been as many as 20 horses to look after in the stables. However, if the family had guests over they could fit up to 40 horses here! Today we have four resident horses who live here all year round. 


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Brown horse with rider sitting side saddle in dark red dress and black riding hat

Stables Spotlight

We have four horses at Audley End; Puro, Nash, Milo and Hamish. Here is a spotlight on Puro.

  • Breed - Dutch Warmblood
  • Height - 17.1
  • Age - born April 1997
  • Achievements - Dressage and vaulting horse
  • Fun fact - Puro was bred as a dressage horse but has taken to vaulting and side saddle

Stables timetable

A visit to Audley End isn't complete without a trip to our stable yard. Take a look at our timetable and follow the horses throughout the day - they can't wait to meet you!

  • 10am-10.30am – Our resident horses arrive in the stable yard from their overnight paddocks.
  • 11.30am & 2.30pm* – Demonstration or talk at the stable yard.
    Come along to the stable yard to see what our resident horses get up to. You may see a ridden demonstration, an exercise session or listen to a horse care talk.
  • Mid afternoon - Our horses leave the stable yard to return to their paddocks (exact time season dependant, please see the stables chalkboard for details).
  • Anytime – Have a chat to the stables staff to find out more about our resident horses and the history of the stable yard.

*All demonstrations and talks are weather and horse health dependent and are subject to change. Please do not touch the horses unless invited to do so by a member of the stables staff.

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Meet our Stables Manager

We have a dedicated team of experts who look after our horses and help to maintain our stables. Hear from our Stables Manager below about her favourite parts of the job.

“Being the Stable Manager at Audley End is a truly unique job in a very special place. It is a privilege to share our horses and what they do with the public.”
(Leila, Stables Manager)

Stable Yard Exhibition

Take a look at our fascinating exhibition and discover more about the estate workers from the 1880s including the gardeners, gamekeeper and groom who worked here.

You can even learn about how the estate has changed over time from prehistory to the present.

Volunteer with us

From grooming and exercising our horses to helping out with our events, our great team of Stables Volunteers help us to make sure that our horses and Stable Yard are always in tip top condition.

"Ever since my first visit to Audley End, I've been drawn to the stables and it feels fantastic to get to volunteer here. I enjoy being part of something where I know that my contributions will have a lasting impact."

(Anett, Stables Volunteer)


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