Banks East Turret - Hadrian's Wall

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Open any reasonable time during daylight hours. £2 parking charge applies to non-members.


Pike Hill, Brampton, Cumbria, CA8 2BX

Before You Go

Banks East in Cumbria is the best preserved turret or observation tower in the western sector of Hadrian's Wall, where the Wall, instigated on the orders of the emperor Hadrian in AD 122, was originally made from turf.

Originally there were two such turrets to every Roman mile along Hadrian's Wall, each manned by a few soldiers watching over the frontier. Banks East Turret remained in use until late in the 4th century AD.

Before You Go

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Plan a Great Day Out

Banks East Turret is included in the Birdoswald Roman Trail.  Follow in the footsteps of the Romans along some of the most beautiful and imposing sections of Hadrian's Wall.

Within a stone's throw of Banks East Turret, and on the opposite side of the car park, are the remains of Pike Hill Signal Tower. The site was once one of a network of signal towers that predated Hadrian's Wall.

Birdoswald Roman Fort is within a five minute drive from Banks East Turret. Discover its interactive displays, a range of artefacts and rest up in the tearoom. You can also wake up as an Emperor here in Birdoswald Farmhouse, the 39-bed group accommodation, situated in the grounds of this ancient fort.

Guidebook: Hadrian's Wall

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