Significance of Benwell Roman Temple

 The temple of Antenociticus is unusual for its association with a named Celtic god.

Carved stone head of Antenociticus, found in the temple at Benwell
The head of Antenociticus, found in 1862 at the temple at Benwell. Fragments of a forearm and a lower leg were also found, suggesting that the head may have been part of a life-sized statue © Society of Antiquaries of Newcastle upon Tyne, Great North Museum: Hancock (ref NEWMA: 1924.6)


The temple has produced a rare representation of a Celtic deity for whom we have a name, Antenociticus.

It is also the only visible reminder of what was once a substantial civilian settlement or vicus at Benwell fort (Condercum).

Later Cemetery

The coincidence of a Roman religious zone and cemetery which was apparently also used as a cemetery in the early Anglo-Saxon period is a unique occurrence in northern England.

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