Conisbrough Castle

Things to see and do

Conisbrough Castle, South Yorkshire

Explore the Castle

Step inside the crumbling castle walls and be amazed by the unsually well-preserved keep.  The reinstated floors allow you to fully explore the private chambers and steep curving staircases of this impressive castle.

Stare down into the basement, then climb right up to the roof top and drink in dramatic views of the surrounding town and countryside.

For 850 years the castle has been a landmark for its community and a symbol of the power, wealth and ambition of the powerful de Warennes who built it.

School children in the keep at Conisbrough Castle

12th Century World

Inside the massive circular keep you can explore the 12th century world of its first inhabitants, Lord Hamelin and Lady Isabel de Warenne.

Hamelin was the illegitimate son of Geoffrey of Anjou (father of the Plantagenet dynasty) and half-brother of Henry II. Isabel was the 4th Countess of Surrey, and the wealthiest heiress in the land.

Find out more about their lives in the castle keep as they reveal their private thoughts through animated characters projected on the castle walls. There are also a range of display panels in 'graphic novel' style.

An aerial view of the keep and walls at Conisbrough Castle, South Yorkshire

Visitor Centre

There is a first class welcome and plenty to do in the visitor centre.

Peek inside the model of the circular keep and enjoy the castle exhibition.

Object displays, a digital model and illustrated panels all help to bring the castle's history to life. With new stories to tell there's no better time to visit.

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