Deal Castle

Things to see and do

Explore the Battlements

Explore the castle walls and moat, and enjoy the spectacular seaside view across Deal beach. Enjoy the fresh sea air, and admire the architecture of this mighty Tudor artillery fortress.

Walk the Rounds

Head down to the passageways beneath the keep designed to defend Deal Castle from attack. Kids can grab a pair of wellies and a wooden musket to play with as they explore.

Discover the Castle's History

Displays and exhibits uncover the history of Deal Castle, and the role it played in defending the coast. Hear the story of those who lived and worked at the castle, including the captains of Deal Castle.

Walk to Deal Castle

Walk to Walmer Castle

If you have time why not take a walk or cycle along the seafront to Walmer Castle and Gardens? Like Deal, it was built by order of Henry VIII and is one of a chain of 'Device' coastal forts built locally, including Camber, Sandgate and Sandown.

Find a good book

Looking for a good page-turner? Visit our secondhand bookshop located in the Captains Apartments of Deal Castle and find your next read. This is a volunteer-led project run and manned by our tireless on-site volunteers. All proceeds go towards the upkeep of this magnificent castle.

Please note, the bookshop is up a flight of stairs and may be difficult to access for some visitors.

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