Virtual Tour of Muchelney Abbey

Use this virtual tour to explore the buildings of Muchelney Abbey and discover what they reveal about the lives of the monks.

You can use the menu on the left to jump from one part of the abbey to another, or navigate around the site using the arrows. Select ‘info’ (bottom right) for general information about each area, and the ‘i’ symbols to find out about specific features.


Find out more

  • Visit Muchelney Abbey

    Once a wealthy Benedictine house, Muchelney’s main buildings were demolished by Henry VIII in 1538. See the richly decorated cloister walk and thatched monks’ lavatory – the only one in Britain.

  • History of Muchelney Abbey

    Muchelney Abbey was first founded in the Anglo-Saxon period, and today its buildings and history provide valuable insights into monastic life between the 7th and 16th centuries.

  • Muchelney Abbey Collection Highlights

    Fragments of sculpture and everyday objects offer an insight into the lives of the abbots and monks of Muchelney, as well as the appearance of the lost monastic buildings.

  • Buy the guidebook

    This guidebook brings the site to life with spectacular photographs, reconstructions, historical images, maps and plans.

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