Muchelney Abbey Collection Highlights

The Muchelney Abbey collection is largely derived from excavations in the 1870s. Fragments of sculpture and everyday objects offer an insight into the lives of the abbots and monks, and the appearance of the monastic buildings, which were mostly destroyed soon after the dissolution in 1538.

The abbot’s lodging, one of the only buildings to survive – complete with its impressive late medieval interiors – is now home to a display of objects.

Most of the collection consists of stonework, much of it fragments of extremely high-quality statues, tombs and architectural pieces. Little metalwork has survived from the site but painted window glass, pottery and an exceptional collection of floor tiles survive.

Explore a selection of the collection’s highlights below.

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  • Visit Muchelney Abbey

    Once a wealthy Benedictine house, Muchelney’s main buildings were demolished by Henry VIII in 1538. See the richly decorated cloister walk and thatched monks’ lavatory – the only one in Britain.

  • History of Muchelney Abbey

    Muchelney Abbey was first founded in the Anglo-Saxon period, and today its buildings and history provide valuable insights into monastic life between the 7th and 16th centuries.

  • Virtual tour of Muchelney Abbey

    Use this virtual tour to explore the buildings of Muchelney Abbey and discover what they reveal about the lives of the monks.

  • Buy the guidebook

    This guidebook brings the site to life with spectacular photographs, reconstructions, historical images, maps and plans.


    Discover what happened to the many thousands of monks and nuns whose lives were changed forever when, on the orders of Henry VIII, every abbey and priory in England was closed.

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