Okehampton Castle

Things To See and Do

Explore the Ruins

Walking around the site, you can get a sense of the past grandeur and power from the layout of the ruined buildings. You can walk where the defensive motte ditch would have been - the thick stone keep walls and tall Barbican Gatehouse providing an impression of the long history of this significant site.

Hear the history

Take the free audio tour to discover how this castle developed from its construction on a natural spur over the River Okement valley. In 1068 the site was owned by Baldwin de Brionne, Sheriff of Devon who was cousin to William the Conquerer by marriage. Later owned by the Courtenay family it was updated and extended before changing hands many times.

Man the defences

Walk around the motte and you can see remains of the ditch which was originally four metres deep but filled in during the 13th century. This defensive structure from the 11th century would have protected the keep and prevented entry to potential invaders. As you walk along, you can look up at the ruins of this once grand structure just as people would have done over hundreds of years.