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Claudian Gateway

Climb the ramparts to the top of the reconstructed Claudian Gateway for epic views of Richborough's Roman remains. On a clear day you can admire the picturesque Kent countryside and see all the way to the coast — from where the Romans once came.

The original Gateway was built to protect the Roman army during the invasion of Britain — Richborough being their launching pad for their campaign of conquest. Clambering up the ramparts and then onto the top level of the gate tower, you'll be in the same spot as a Roman sentry, nearly two thousand years ago.

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Roman Ruins

See some of the finest Roman ruins still standing in Britain, including the 'Saxon Shore' fort walls and the remains of the many buildings that once lined the town's streets.

The fact that the fort walls still tower over Richborough today testifies to the care and skill used in their construction. There's also the defensive ditches of an earlier fort, cut deep into the ground as a formidable barrier to potential attackers. They are particularly impressive when seen from the tower of the Claudian gateway, 8m above the ground surface.

The Museum

Explore Richborough's recently revamped museum. It's full of remarkable artefacts excavated at Richborough during the last 100 years, such as delicately crafted hairpins, and statues to Roman gods.

Children (and grown-ups too) will love our fiendishly fun video game, where you'll ship goods across the vast territories of the Roman empire all the way to Richborough. Then race against a partner in our hands on game, where you'll compete to recreate the monumental arch that once stood in the town's centre.

Kids' Trail

Keep the little ones entertained with our time-travel themed Kids' Trail (maps available at admission). Take the pop-up trail with you while exploring Richborough, weaving around the Roman Walls, up the Claudian Gateway and around the remains of the monumental arch.

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Walk to the Amphitheatre

Take a five-minute walk to see the earthwork that marks the buried remains of Richborough's Roman amphitheatre. In this spot gladiators battled to entertain crowds of up to 5,000 people. The amphitheatre has seen just two archaeological excavations over its history, including one in 2021 when a buried pet cat delightfully dubbed 'Maxipus' was discovered.

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