Scarborough Castle

Tramper Hire at Scarborough Castle

You can now hire a Tramper when visiting Scarborough Castle. This electric all-terrain mobility scooter can travel over rough ground, making more areas of the castle grounds accessible to more people.

Man sitting on a Tramper vehicle at Scarborough Castle

What is a tramper and who can use one?

A Tramper is an electric all-terrain mobility scooter designed specifically for exploring the countryside. It runs up to 4mph which means that you can accompany family and friends as you explore Scarborough Castle together.

The Tramper is for use by anyone over the age of 14 who might have limited mobility or difficulty walking. If you are under 18, you must have an accompanying adult with you during Tramper training and use.

Image of Scarborough Castle's keep on a sunny day

Where can I go on the Tramper?

Our new Tramper route, assessed by Outdoor Mobility, offers nearly 2km of ground to explore. You can take a circular route around the cliff tops, stopping off at the King’s Hall, Roman Signal Station, the Wild Eye sculpture and taking you back to the Coffee Shed.

Unfortunately, a very steep gradient prevents safe Tramper access to the area around the Great Tower.

Please take a look at our Tramper Route Map for more information

How do I book the Tramper?

One Tramper is available for a morning or afternoon slot at 10:30 and 13:30 when the castle is open. Sessions last for 2.5 hours.

We recommend an Outdoor Mobility membership and booking the Tramper through their website. This means that you will then have access to over 60 Trampers in England (please find their booking terms here). A 2 week membership is £2.50 and a 1 year membership is £10.

You can book the Tramper directly with the Scarborough Castle team. To book, please call 01723 372451 or email giving at least 48 hours’ notice. Please ensure your booking is confirmed before travelling to visit.

How to use a Tramper

All first time Tramper-users will need to have a 10-minute induction and safe-use test with a member of staff when you arrive.

If you are already a member of Outdoor Mobility or Countryside Mobility you do not have to repeat your Tramper induction training or complete any paperwork (but we can offer a quick refresher). Please bring your training card with you.

Non Outdoor/Countryside Mobility members will need to fill out a short online form for insurance purposes

The Scarborough team will give every Tramper user a route map and a quick overview of site with key features to look out for and will need to be satisfied that you can safely operate the Tramper before allowing you to use it independently around the grounds.

Watch Outdoor Mobility’s How to use a Tramper video for more information before you visit.

Other things to be aware of

  • You must have a valid ticket for Scarborough Castle or an English Heritage membership to hire the Tramper. Disabled visitors and members can bring an accompanying companion free of charge.
  • There are a number of blue badge parking spaces at the castle. Please book a space at the same as booking the Tramper.
  • Due to the nature of the grounds at Scarborough we may not be able to offer the Tramper in poor weather. If you are concerned about your booking, please contact the castle before travelling.
  • The maximum weight limit to use a Tramper is 25st (159kg)
  • If you are not going to be accompanied by somebody else on your visit, we advise bringing a mobile phone for safety reasons. If this is not possible, please notify the Scarborough team when you arrive.

If you have any feedback on the Tramper scheme or map design, please email

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