St Leonard's Tower

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Exterior can be viewed during daylight hours


St Leonard’s Street, West Malling, Kent, ME19 6PD

Before You Go

This early and well-preserved example of a small free-standing Norman tower keep is located on a natural sandstone ledge near the head of a narrow valley. Rising almost to its original height, the tower takes its name from a chapel of St Leonard which once stood nearby.

Very little is known about the history of the building or its intended purpose. Some believe that it once stood as part of a castle, constructed between 1077 and 1108 by Gundulf, Bishop of Rochester, while a second school of thought argues its builder to have been Bishop Odo of Bayeux, half brother of William the Conqueror.

Today visitors can explore the remains of the tower for themselves and enjoy the peaceful landscape that surrounds it.

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Before You Go

Parking: Charged parking is available in Manor Park Country Park opposite the tower. Not managed by English Heritage.

Other Information: There is no access to the interior.

Plan a Great Day Out

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