The World of Stonehenge Exhibition

From February to July 2022, the British Museum is hosting a landmark exhibition telling the story of prehistoric Europe. The focus is on the iconic Neolithic monument, and most famous stone circle in the world, Stonehenge.

From the hunter-gatherers of the Mesolithic period, to the artists and astronomers of the late Bronze Age, the exhibition presents the dynamic story of people’s changing ideas, skills and beliefs throughout 3,000 years of prehistory.

On display are fascinating objects, including green stone axes from the Italian Alps, the astonishing Nebra Sky Disc from Germany, decorated stones from Orkney, elaborate gold jewellery from Ireland and an entire timber monument known as Seahenge from Norfolk.

Image: Nebra Sky Disc, Germany, about 1600 BC. Photo courtesy of the State Office for Heritage Management and Archaeology Saxony-Anhalt, Juraj Lipták.

Discovering Stonehenge

Image: Solstice at Stoehenge

This exhibition sets Stonehenge into its wider European context like never before, allowing visitors to learn about the broader story of prehistory. Throughout, Stonehenge is a touchstone, a signpost, which will help to orientate through the times before, during and after the monument was built.

To uncover the full story of Stonehenge, there is nothing like seeing the monument for yourself and exploring the surrounding landscape. We recommend combining your visit to the British Museum exhibition with an unforgettable trip to this iconic World Heritage Site. Our on-site exhibition, recreated Neolithic houses and downloadable audio app bring Stonehenge, and the people who built it, to life.

Featured objects from the Stonehenge landscape

Travel to Stonehenge and London

For the ultimate experience, combine a visit to ‘The World of Stonehenge’ with a trip to see the iconic monument itself. There are many ways to travel between London and Stonehenge.

  • Car. It takes around 2 hours to drive from London to Stonehenge via the M3 and A303. Parking is available at the Stonehenge visitor centre. 
  • Train. Trains regularly depart to and from London’s Waterloo Station and Salisbury Station. 
  • Bus. A bus departs from Salisbury Station and the City Centre to Stonehenge. Services are also available from London to Stonehenge by many private tour operators. 

The World of Stonehenge Exhibition at the British Museum

17 February – 17 July 2022
Open daily 10am–5pm (Fridays 8.30pm)

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Visit Stonehenge

Open daily 9.30am - 5pm

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Partner Museums

Several important objects are on loan to the British Museum from our partner museums, Wiltshire Museum in Devizes and The Salisbury Museum. We recommend visiting these two museums, both with excellent prehistory galleries, to complement your visit to Stonehenge. 

The Salisbury Museum 

Wiltshire Museum 

Other Neolithic Sites

Explore some of Britain's most fascinating prehistoric sites.

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