What (and what not!) to bring

Sensible shoes and warm clothing recommended

The Car Park and Stonehenge are fields and sensible footwear is essential.  Make sure you wear, and bring with you, warm clothing as the weather at Stonehenge can be very cold and damp. A small umbrella might be a good idea, although do be aware that large umbrellas are not permitted. Please do not wear a hi-viz jacket as this can cause confusion with safety officials.

We recommend bringing a small torch for walking to the monument from car parks and drop off points.

Travel light and leave valuables at home

Security measures will be in place in accordance with the current terrorism threat level.

Only small bags (approx. 30cm x 25cm x 15cm) will be allowed into the Monument Field and searches will be conducted.  We strongly advise you to only bring essential items with you. Any items that are illegal will be confiscated and your entry refused.

English Heritage accepts no liability for any loss of, or damage to, property arising in any way whatsoever whilst at Stonehenge or in the Car Park.

No glass

Glass is not allowed at the Monument as many people walk barefoot and, also livestock and wildlife graze in the area.  If you bring any glass items with you they will be confiscated.  This also includes any other objects that could cause damage to the Monument or people there. 

Keep pets at home

Please do not bring dogs, pets or other animals to Stonehenge. They are not permitted into the Monument Field, with the exception of assistance dogs.  Apart from potentially upsetting wildlife and stock in the area, animal faeces present a health risk to children and also to people walking barefoot.

No naked flames

Due to the large number of people in attendance, naked flame is extremely dangerous at Solstice. It also infringes local bylaws/regulations and constitutes a potential fire hazard, so please do not light any fires – this includes BBQs, flaming torches, candles, night-lights, Chinese lanterns or fireworks. Furthermore, we do not permit smouldering items, for example smudge sticks or burning incense, including smoking in the stone circle.

Sleeping and camping

In the interests of safety, sleeping bags or duvets are not allowed, but you are permitted to bring a small ground sheet or blanket. Shooting-sticks are not permitted.

Chairs* are permitted for visitors who need them. Please make sure the chair is designed for outdoor use and place it on an area of level ground, at least 2 metres away from any of the standing or fallen stones. Please ensure that chair legs are not driven into the ground.

Sleeping on the ground creates a trip hazard especially as much of the access is during the hours of darkness.  Also, people asleep on the ground could interfere with the work of the emergency services and hinder their ability to attend an incident. If you do want to sleep during the access period, it is strongly recommended that you either return to your vehicle in the Car Park or go to one of the public gathering areas outside the Monument.

Camping (including erecting any tented structures), fires or BBQs are NOT allowed at Stonehenge, in the Car Park, or anywhere in the surrounding National Trust land.

*English Heritage accepts no responsibility for any chairs brought on to site and accepts no liability for any harm and/or injury the use of the chairs may cause to their owners and/or others at the event. English Heritage shall not be responsible for any loss of or damage to the chairs. English Heritage shall have the right to remove any unsuitable chairs brought to site for the event. English Heritage accepts no responsibility for any chairs left at the site and shall have the right to discard any chairs left following the conclusion of the event.

No Bladed or sharply pointed items

No Drones

Drones or remote-controlled flying devices are not permitted. Please see: The Air Navigation (Restriction of Flying) (Stonehenge) Regulations 2023).

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