300 mile March to mark Battle of Hastings anniversary

Re-enactors will cover the historic journey from York to Battle over three weeks

Re-enactors will mark the Battle of Hastings anniversary with a march inspired by the one taken by King Harold 950 years ago.

The troop will travel for 300 miles on foot and horseback, setting off from Clifford's Tower in York today. They'll arrive at Battle Abbey three weeks later ready to take part in the annual Battle of Hastings re-enactment on 15 - 16 October.

Members of the public are encouraged to support the re-enactors as they make their way across the country, stopping off at historic landmarks including Lincoln's Roman arch, Waltham Abbey and Peterborough Cathedral. The group will march into central London a week before the final battle, joining a 'pop-up' Saxon encampment in Hyde Park on Saturday 8 October.

Once in a lifetime opportunity

Nigel Amos, who is leading the march, said: "I have been involved in re-enactment for many years and for me this is a once in a lifetime opportunity. We do as much as we can to research the details of the history we re-enact, but there's nothing like a personal experience like this to understand what it was like and offer an even more authentic window on that world to inspire and inform others."

"The legacy of the Norman Conquest is all around us, and for me this march is a great way of highlighting the enormity of what the people involved in the campaigns of 1066 undertook, as well as appreciating the richness of our country's heritage, from magnificent churches and castles to Roman roads and Saxon villages hiding in plain sight."

Take a look at the full route 

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