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Members' Week virtual events

In April 2021, 2022 and 2023 we hosted Members' weeks as a special thank you to you, our Members, for your ongoing support. As well as many events at sites across the country we also released a variety of virtual events for you to enjoy from the comfort of your own home. You can rewatch those videos again below. 

2023 Virtual events

Rewatch our more mature Members' events from 2023.

  • Welcome from Kate Mavor

    Hear from our Chief Executive, Kate Mavor, as she explores Goodrich Castle in Herefordshire and explains how Members’ Week is our way to say thank you to you, our Members.

  • Belsay Awakes

    Find out about the Belsay Awakes project as it nears completion. Meet some of the team behind the work and see the rejuvenated garden in the beautiful Northumberland countryside.

  • Blue Plaques of Fitzroy Square

    Join senior historian Howard Spencer and blue plaque historian Rebecca Preston for a virtual tour of some of the London blue plaques which can be seen around Fitzroy Square in Camden.

  • J.W. Evans Silver Factory Tour

    Take a tour of the most complete surviving historic factories in Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter with the J.W. Evans' grandson, Tony, as he gives you the history of this fascinating place.

  • Coronation and Community

    Through special objects, Eleanor Matthews reveals how Brodsworth Hall’s staff, farmers and villagers celebrated the coronations of George VI and Elizabeth II.

  • LGBTQ+ Tour of Ranger’s House

    Join Dr Nick Collinson and Dr Dominique Bouchard at Ranger’s House in London as they discuss the LGBTQ+ connections of some of the fascinating objects there, part of the Wernher Collection.

  • Inspiring Ed Kluz

    Artist Ed Kluz heads to our archaeological store near Bristol to discover some fascinating objects and find out which will inspire Ed to create a brand new piece of art.

  • Inside Richborough Museum

    Dr Kathryn Bedford explores the brand new museum at Richborough Roman Fort and Amphitheatre and shows us some of the intriguing Roman objects that will be displayed there.

  • Members' Week 2023 Finale

    As Members’ Week concludes, join Kate Mavor at St Mary’s Church, Kempley, in Gloucestershire and hear how you can continue to make the most of your membership this year.

2023 Virtual events for our younger Members

Enjoy our 2023 Members' Week virtual events for younger audiences. 

  • Storytime - Belsay Wildman

    Enjoy the tale of how the Wild Man of Belsay, a mythical hairy man, came to be on the coats of arms of the Middleton family of Belsay Hall, Castle and Gardens in Northumberland.

  • Storytime - Arthur and Tintagel

    Imprisoned Thomas Mallory narrates the tale of how the legendary King Arthur was supposedly born in Tintagel Castle atop a rocky headland in Cornwall, watched over by the mystical, magical Merlin.

  • The Animals of Boscobel

    Meet Kyra-Alice Povey and the animals she looks after, from Lucie the biscuit-eating pig to Charles the fluffy Ryeland sheep, in the Victorian farmyard at Boscobel House in Shropshire.

  • Storytime - the Stokesay giants

    Discover the story of the two giants of Stokesay who lived on opposing sides of a Shropshire valley and used to throw back and forth the key to their shared treasure chest – until the key disappeared.

  • Traditional games at Audley End House

    Kids Rule TV presenter Esme Todd visits Audley End House and Gardens in Essex to try out some of the traditional games families have played there over the centuries, from football to sack racing.

  • Fool School with Tom Fool

    From the costumes, classic tricks and even catapults, our expert fool, TomFool, sheds light on the real history of foolery while, you guessed it, making a fool of himself along the way.

  • Craft your own felt dragon

    Get ready for St George's Day by crafting your own felt dragon! Follow our step-by-step video to create your own dragon. Written instructions and downloadable template are also provided

2022 virtual events

Enjoy the virtual events from our 2022 Members' Week, originally released 18–24 April 2022. 

  • The World of Stonehenge

    Join Dr Susan Greaney and Dr Neil Wilkin as they discuss 'The World of Stonehenge' exhibition which ran at the British Museum from February 2022 to July 2022.

  • The kitchen garden in spring

    Join BBC Gardeners' World Autumn Fair plant experts Lucy Chamberlain and Saul Walker as they discuss the management of the kitchen garden at Audley End House with Head Gardener Louise Ellis.

  • How to train a knight

    Discover what it takes to train a knight for English Heritage’s summer event programme of knights’ tournaments and legendary jousts with Historic Equitation's Dominic Sewell. 

  • Luke Edward Hall

    Artist and designer Luke Edward Hall visits Corbridge Roman Town where he and Hadrian’s Wall Curator Dr Frances McIntosh look at Roman face pots from the collection there. 

  • Roman Pottery

    Dr Frances McIntosh visits historical potter Graham Taylor to discuss Roman face pots, before seeing how a modern potter recreates these beautiful objects using historical methods.

  • London blue plaques tour

    Join senior historian Howard Spencer and blue plaque historian Rebecca Preston for a virtual tour of some of the blue plaques which can be seen when walking in Hampstead, from famous poets to social historians.

  • A Right Royal Street Party

    Dr Annie Gray and Kathy Hipperson explore a taste of the past as they discuss the origins and recipes of five dishes ideal for a right royal street party. Click here to download the recipes featured in the film

  • Clifford's Tower Revealed

    Go behind the scenes with the experts behind the £5m investment in Clifford’s Tower in York which has improved the understanding and visitor experience of this iconic and important heritage site.

  • Belsay Awakes

    Enjoy this access-all-areas virtual tour and see Conservation in Action at Belsay Hall, Castle and Gardens. Hear about the excitement and challenges of the Belsay Awakes project.

2021 virtual Members' Week Events

Enjoy the virtual events from our 2021 Members' Week, originally released 12–18 April 2021. 

  • Alan Kitching Workshop

    Join world-renowned printmaker and designer Alan Kitching for an exclusive tour of his workshop and hear about how he has been working with English Heritage over the past year. 

  • Behind the scenes at Boscobel

    Join site manager Daisy Lambert for an exclusive virtual tour of Boscobel House and The Royal Oak. Get a sneak peek as the site gets ready to reopen on 12 April after major redevelopment.

  • Cavendish's Horses

    Join equestrian historian Dominic Sewell in an illuminating talk on the origins and use of the Riding House at Bolsover Castle. Watch as its story is brought to life with a display of historical riding.

  • Dover's Stone Hut Tour

    Approximately 150,000 objects from English Heritage sites throughout Kent and East Sussex are stored at Dover Castle. See inside the store where these are kept.

  • Mrs Crocombe's cookbook

    Join Kathy Hipperson (who portrays Mrs Crocombe in our award-winning YouTube series) as she explains why a woman who died 93 years ago remains relevant in the 21st century.

  • Singing with Nightingales

    Join The Nest Collective's Sam Lee in the forest and delve into his trove of rare songs and folklore by the fireside. Then journey with him as he goes in seach of the nightingale.

  • Historic Gardens 1 - 13 April 2021

    Join our garden experts as they answer Member questions and discuss the challenges of growing, maintaining and conserving historic gardens and landscapes. 

  • Historic Gardens 2 - 15 April 2021

    Join our garden experts as they answer Member questions and discuss the challenges of growing, maintaining and conserving historic gardens and landscapes. 

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