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Heritage puzzles

English history-inspired brainteasers to put your knowledge to the test.

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6          - - - Oak, name given to Charles II’s hiding place in the field behind Boscobel House (5)
7          Site of the Triangular Lodge that was designed by Thomas Tresham, father of one of the Gunpowder Plot conspirators (7)
9          Location of a tithe barn on the river Avon first built in the 14th century (8)
10        - - - Bretton, remains of a medieval priory located just outside Barnsley (4)
11        - - - Abbey, ruined abbey with a chequered history, founded in the 12th century (6)
12        County that contains many sites including Tilbury Fort and Hadleigh Castle (5)
14        - - - Carn, Bronze Age burial chamber located on the Scilly Isles (5)
16        - - - Graves, prehistoric flint mine with a grassy cratered landscape in Norfolk (6)
19        - - - Kennet Long Barrow, part of the Avebury World Heritage Site (4)
20        - - - Castle Deer House, Durham animal shelter built as a square mock castle (8)
22        Derbyshire castle built by one of William the Conqueror’s knights in the 11th century (7)
23        St - - - Commandery, former chapel, close to Dover, built of flint walls and later converted into a farmhouse (5)



1          Old - - - Manor, rare example of a manor house that survives from the 13th century, located in Kent (4)
2          German-born composer, famous for his Messiah, who has a blue plaque at his former dwelling in Brook Street, Mayfair (6)
3          - - - House, building constructed as a conduit to supply water to Bolsover Castle in the 17th century (5)
4          River, for the defence of which Tilbury Fort was built to prevent an attack on London by the Dutch navy (6)
         - - - Pillar, monument constructed in 1656 by Lady Anne Clifford at the gateway of Brougham Castle for her mother (8)
8 & 13D          - - - Priory, medieval monastery in North Yorkshire (5,5)
11        Town with the remains of a 15th-century guildhall located on the Norfolk coast (8)
13        See 8D
15        - - - Castle, Norman motte and bailey fortification that affords views across the River Dart in Devon (6)
17        - - - Chantry, former leper hospital in Kent that was used as a gas decontamination chamber in the Second World War (6)
18        - - - Lloyd George, former prime minister who commissioned Edwin Lutyens’s war memorial, the Cenotaph, in 1919 (5)
21        The - - - Stones, prehistoric stone circle located just off the A35 in Dorset (4)

  • Answers

    6 Royal, 7 Rushton, 9 Bradford, 10 Monk, 11 Byland, 12 Essex, 14 Bants, 16 Grime's, 19 West, 20 Auckland, 22 Peveril, 23 John's


    1 Soar, 2 Handel, 3 Cundy, 4 Thames, 5 Countess, 8 Mount, 11 Blakeney, 13 Grace, 15 Totnes, 17 Milton, 18 David, 21 Nine

Image: word wheel puzzle

Word Wheel

How many words can you make using the letters in the wheel? Words must be four letters or more, and each word must contain the central letter E. Plurals and proper nouns are not allowed.

The nine letters can be arranged to spell the name of an English Heritage castle and priory. 

  • Answers

    Nine-letter castle: Tynemouth

    Other words that can be found
    eyot, hent, home, homey, hone, honey, hutment, hymen, menu, money, monte, mote, motet, motte, moue, mute, netty, note, omen, tent, tenth, tenuto, teth, them, then, they, thyme, tome, tone, tote, totem, tune, unmet, youthen

    Good score: 10+
    Excellent score: 14+

Image: Visitors sit outside a castle

Where am I?

Identify the castle using these clues:

1 Its oldest buildings date back to the 1080s
2 Henry II took control of this castle in 1171
3 During the First World War, the castle was occupied by the Northern Non-Combatant Corps

  • Answer

    Answer: Richmond Castle in North Yorkshire