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Historical Bites

There's something about food that brings people together. So what better way is there to get closer to our ancestors than by tucking into the very same food and drinks that were consumed throughout history?

If you're looking to recreate the spoils of a bustling Victorian kitchen, or mix yourself a cocktail from the 1930s, we've got some tempting suggestions for authentic recipes that bring England's history alive. 

The Roman

Roman 'Burgers'

We all know that the Romans left a huge mark on Britain, but you may be surprised to learn of one particular culinary invention. Broadcaster and writer Annie Gray takes us through the unlikely origins of the burger in Britain.

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Cook like a Roman

Cook like a Roman

Ever wondered what the Romans used to eat? As well as being responsible for importing into England many of the flavours that we recognise today, including coriander and leeks, you might be surprised by some of the stranger delicacies enjoyed by the Romans. Stuffed womb of a virgin sow, anyone? 

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Victorian Ice Cream

A popular frozen dessert that we might take for granted nowadays was much more time-consuming to produce for the Victorians. Join our Victorian cook as she whips up a batch of a rather unusual (but delicious) flavoured ice cream in the kitchens of Audley End House in Essex.

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Victoria Sponge Cake

The Queen's Cakes

Queen Victoria had a very “sweet tooth” and the royal kitchens were kept busy catering to this particular aspect of their mistress’s appetite. Curator Michael Hunter examines three cakes closely associated with Queen Victoria – Battenburg Cake, Victoria Sponge and Osborne Pudding.

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Victorian Pancakes

Did you know that the Victorians were partial to pancakes? The kitchen staff at Audley End House would have had a lot of them to make in time for lent, not only for the Lord and Lady at the top table but also for the servants, and there were quite a lot of them!

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Mrs Crocombe

Mrs Crocombe's Cookbook

Mrs Avis Crocombe worked in the kitchens at Audley End in the 1880s and captured many different recipes in her cookery book. It includes a range of Victorian delights, even a recipe for roasted swan!

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Food and Drink Gifts

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