The Garden at Down House

It was in the gardens at Down House that Darwin developed many of his groundbreaking ideas on evolution and natural selection. They were both an outdoor laboratory for his experiments and a place where he could reflect deeply upon their meaning. 

Watch the video tour of the Down House garden below with head gardener Anthony O'Rourke. Discover what the Darwins grew here, and some of Charles’ experiments that are recreated in the grounds today. Below the video you can view some of the highlights of the garden which you can enjoy on your next visit.

A tour of Charles Darwin’s Gardens

Take a tour of the vibrant gardens of Down House in Kent, once home to Charles Darwin and his family, with head gardener Antony O’Rourke. Discover Darwin’s ‘living laboratory’, which helped formulate his theory of evolution.

Garden Highlights

Watch Darwin's mulberry tree coming into leaf

Watch the famous mulberry tree in the gardens at Down House, Darwin's home, come into leaf in the springtime. You can see the tree on the centre right as it gradually turned to green over a period of some six weeks in spring 2018. Look out for some dramatic sunsets and wet weather, too!

This tree has been in place since Darwin owned the house. His children would climb out of their bedroom window and down the trunk to join him at his work in the gardens. Although the heavy tree is now supported by an iron prop, it continues to provide mulberries each summer.