Bring the curriculum to life and inspire your students at the former home of Charles Darwin and the site where the internationally renowned 'On the Origin of Species' was written. From Victorian interiors and original furniture inside the house, to gardens of Special Scientific Interest, there is plenty for school groups to see at Down House.

Curriculum links

Support your teaching at Down House with many links to the curriculum from history to science and local history

  • KS1: Working scientifically, animals and plants
  • KS1-2: Science, living things and their habitats
  • KS2: Working scientifically, evolution and inheritance
  • KS1-3: A local history study
  • KS3: Ideas, political power, industry and empire: Britain 1745-190
  • KS3: Science, working scientifically, biology

Free self-led visits

Explore and discover the authentic Victorian interiors, reflecting the home in which Darwin and his wife Emma raised their children. An immersive on-site exhibition guides you through Darwin's voyage aboard the Beagle from 1831-36, his scientific discoveries and the impact of his revolutionary theories on Victorian society. Continue your voyage outside to the extensive gardens which include Darwin's 'outdoor laboratory' and famous 'thinking path'. Can your class spot the working observation beehive and carnivorous plants?

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Expert-led Discovery Visits

Let our experts lead your pupils on a hands-on Discovery Visit and discover more about Darwin’s theory of evolution. At just £100 per session per class, it’s a great way to combine inspiring experiences with quality learning. 

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Plan Your Trip

We have a range of materials to support your visit and help you with school trip planning.

Contact our education bookings team who can help you create the best possible school trip to suit your students’ needs.

  • Facilities
    • EDUCATION ROOM: Free bookable space available for schools with tables and chairs, suitable as a lunch room.
    • PARKING: Space for one coach which must be pre-booked, please specify when booking your visit if you require this space. Disabled bays are available in the car park. Please note that we cannot always accept coaches at the weeekend or on a Bank Holiday. If you need to travel by coach on a Saturday or Sunday, you will need to be dropped off and the coach will need to park elsewhere. Please do not park in the local village.
    • TOILETS: Male, female and accessible toilets available on site.
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