Iron Bridge
Looking up at the Iron Bridge

Project Iron Bridge

Stretching across the River Severn, the world's first iron bridge is one of the greatest symbols of the Industrial Revolution. But in recent years, our surveys revealed that the bridge was under threat of cracking and in urgent need of repair.

After astounding public support, we’ve now completed a major conservation project on the Iron Bridge – safeguarding the future of this historic structure. 

Thank you to everyone who has supported #ProjectIronBridge and helped save the bridge for generations to come.

Scaffolding and workman during the conservation project

Saving an Industrial Icon

In autumn 2017, we embarked on the largest conservation project in our history, preserving the Iron Bridge for the future. After surrounding the bridge with scaffolding and protective covering, our team of experts began their conservation work. The cast iron elements were repaired, the masonry conserved, the deck resurfaced, and the entire structure was cleaned and repainted in its original red-brown colour. 

We also installed a temporary walkway alongside the bridge, offering thousands of visitors a chance to see our conservation work in action. 

But we couldn’t have done it alone. A €1m donation from the German Hermann Reemtsma Foundation and public support via English Heritage’s first crowd-funding campaign helped to fund this vital conservation project. We are grateful to everyone who supported the project.

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