Mount Grace Priory, House and Gardens


Immerse your class in the history of Mount Grace Priory, from medieval origins and a successful priory, to a family home. To help you plan your trip, our new Teacher's Kit is full of helpful information, activity ideas and inspiration for learning in the classroom before and after your visit.

Please note: Education visits are currently not available at this site.

Curriculum links

Bring history and the curriculum to life at Mount Grace Priory:

  • KS1 History: The lives of significant individuals in the past
  • KS1 Science: Identify and name a variety of plants and animals in their habitats
  • KS1 Geography: Develop knowledge about their locality.
  • KS1-2 Art & Design: Know about great artists, craft makers and designers
  • KS1-3 History: Local history study
  • KS2 Science: Identify and describe the functions of different parts of flowering plants
  • KS3 History: Development of Church, state and society in Britain
  • KS3 Religious Education: How and why individuals and communities express the meanings of their beliefs and values 
  • KS4 Religious Education: Investigate and analyse the beliefs and practices of religions

Free self-led visits

Immerse your class in the history of Mount Grace Priory, from medieval origins to a successful monastery, to a family home. Learn about the life of Carthusian monks in the reconstructed monk's cell, tour the Arts & Crafts manor house, looking out for William Morris designs, and explore the beautiful gardens. Our new Teacher's kit is designed to help you plan your trip, with useful information and ideas for activities and learning opportuinities before, during and after your visit. 

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Learn more

Do you know your Carthusians from your Benedictines? Learn about the differences betweent the four major monastic movements: the Benedictines, Cluniacs, Carthusians and Cistercians, in this short animation.

Plan Your Trip

We have a wide range of materials to support your visit and make school trip planning easy. You can find all our site-specific information and tools below, and for Covid-19 risk assessments and measures we’ve got in place please visit our what to expect page.

Download our free resources to help you make the most out of your visit and create unique learning experiences before, during and after your trip. We also offer free planning visits for group leaders once you have made a booking. Visit our bookings page to start planning your trip!


  • Facilities
    • PARKING: The car park is 40m from the entrance via a sloping tarmac drive. Disabled visitors maybe set down nearer the entrance on request. There is a small charge to use this facility.
    • TOILETS: Toilets, including accessible toilets are located in the entrance building.
    • LUNCH: The Orchard Café on site sells hot and cold drinks and a selection of snacks. Picnics are welcome in the grounds.
    • SHOP: A gift shop is available selling food, souvenirs, and a very good selection of heritage related books.
    • STORAGE: Unfortunately there are no facilities available.
  • Learning Resources

    A Teachers' Kit is a free educational tool packed with everything you need to give your group a deep insight into the place you are visiting. Featuring historical information, suggestions for activities, and high-quality images, this resource is a comprehensive toolkit for group leaders of various subjects and key stages. Teachers’ Kits also include key site information, facilities and plans.

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