Sources for Osborne

The following lists provide a summary of the main sources of our knowledge and understanding of Osborne.

The Grand corridor at Osborne, where many pieces of outstanding sculpture collections are displayed
The Grand Corridor, where many pieces of the outstanding sculpture collection are displayed

Primary Written Sources

The National Archives, Kew

The papers (1843–1907) of the Government Office of Woods, Forests, Land Revenues, Works and Buildings and successors include many plans and drawings of building work carried out at Osborne. See for example:

  • WORK 15/122
  • WORK 37/1–216

For inventories for the Blachfords and earlier owners of Osborne see:

  • PROB 31 807/842
  • PROB 31 1154/1105 

The Royal Archives, Windsor Castle

The 19th-century Privy Purse Papers include details of works and expenditure at Osborne. There are at least 1,259 items in the main series (RA/PP/OSB/1–1259) dating to between 1844 and 1911, and further material in a new series (RA/PP/OSBNS/36–59).

Queen Victoria’s journals, also held at the Royal Archives and available online, include daily entries, many of them relating to activities at Osborne. 

The Royal Collection Trust, St James’s Palace

Several 19th-century inventories of the Osborne collection are held in the curatorial offices of the Royal Collection Trust.

Isle of Wight Record Office

Records include:

  • 19th-century papers relating to Queen Victoria’s purchase of Osborne from the Blachford family
  • Plans of estate farms
  • Abstracts of conveyance of land in Whippingham to Queen Victoria
  • Wills of the Blachford family (JER/OSBORNE/1–27)

Material Collections

Most of the original contents of the house, the Swiss Cottage and Museum remain in situ. Those items that are no longer at Osborne remain part of the Royal Collection and are now at other royal residences (principally Buckingham Palace, Windsor Castle and Balmoral Castle). Some of Prince Albert’s 15th-century Italian and Netherlandish paintings, originally placed in his Dressing and Writing Room at Osborne, are now in the National Gallery, London.

Items from the collections are published in the following works.

Aijazaddin, FS, Sikh Portraits of European Artists (London, 1979)

Anon, Catalogue of the Paintings, Sculpture and Other Works of Art at Osborne (London, 1876)

Charlton, J, ‘Prince Albert as artist and collector’, Country Life (9 Oct 1969), 904–6

Davis, JPS, Antique Garden Ornament (London, 1991)

Lloyd, C, The Queen’s Pictures: Royal Collectors through the Centuries (London, 1991)

Lloyd, C, The Royal Collection (London, 1992)

Marsden, J (ed), Victoria and Albert: Art and Love (London, 2010) [accessed 5 March 2018]

Mathur, S, An Indian Encounter: Portraits for Queen Victoria (London, 2002)

Millar, D, The Victorian Watercolours in the Collection of Her Majesty The Queen (London, 1995)

Millar, O, The Queen’s Pictures (London, 1977)

Millar, O, The Victorian Oil Paintings in the Collection of Her Majesty The Queen (Cambridge, 1992)

Plumb, JH and Wheldon H, Royal Heritage: The Story of Britain’s Royal Builders and Collectors (London, 1977)

Read, B, Victorian Sculpture (New Haven and London, 1982)

Roberts, J, Royal Artists (London, 1987)

Sibbick, EA, ‘Notes on the Osborne Collection’ (unpublished catalogue)

1843 painting of Prince Albert, Princess Victoria and Eos, Price Albert's favourite greyhound at Osborne
This painting of 1843 by J Lucas of Prince Albert, Princess Victoria and Eos, the prince’s favourite greyhound, hangs in the nursery bedroom

Visual Sources

Royal Library and Print Room, Windsor Castle

The Print Room in the Royal Library holds a large collection of 19th-century watercolours depicting the exterior of Osborne and some of its interiors. Most of these were commissioned by Queen Victoria and Prince Albert from James Roberts (b.1753) and William Leighton Leitch (1804–83). The collection includes a series showing Queen Victoria’s birthday tables at Osborne. There is also a large collection of watercolours by Queen Victoria and the royal children, many of them done at Osborne. 

Royal Photographic Collection, Windsor Castle

The Royal Photographic Collection holds a collection of 19th-century photographs of the exterior of Osborne and some of its interiors. Most of these were commissioned by Queen Victoria and Prince Albert from (Cornelius) Jabez Hughes (1819–84) and Gustav William Henry Mullins (1854–1921). There are also many photographs of Queen Victoria, Prince Albert and the royal family that were taken at Osborne.

Much of this material can be viewed on the Royal Collection website

Historic England Archives

There are over 1,000 items relating to Osborne in the Historic England Archives, including photographs, artworks, computer-generated plots, maps, measured drawings and surveys, photogrammetric surveys, sketches and tables. Items relating to Osborne include:

  • Photographs of interiors, 1900–40 (FL00949/04)
  • Photographs of the exterior of Swiss Cottage, 1900–40 (FL00949/05)
  • Architectural design drawings, 1845–51 (MP/OSH0001–0025, 0053–0057)
  • Ordnance Survey plans of the estate, 1854–79 (MP/OSH0027–0044, 0049–0051)
  • Drawings for Royal Naval College buildings, c 1904–5, 1910 (MP/OSH0119–0140, 0155–0181)

More details can be found in the online catalogue. Some material is not yet listed online, including aerial photography; for a full search, please contact the enquiry service. Copies of images and documents can be ordered through the website or by contacting the archive. For details of current charges for these services see the archives price list.

Secondary Sources


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English Heritage keeps copies of some of these reports in the library at the English Heritage Archives, Swindon. The library is open to the public Tuesday–Friday 9.30–17.00;; tel (01793) 414630 or 414632. It is recommended that you contact the librarian in advance of your visit to avoid disappointment.

Beresford, C, ‘Osborne Swiss Cottage: research on the Swiss Cottage gardens – findings and proposals’ (English Heritage, 1994)

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