Facilities at Portchester Castle

  • Parking

    Free parking located just outside the castle, less than 200 metres from entrance. Contains about 100 spaces. (Managed by Fareham Borough Council.) Contains 3 coach bays.
  • Food And Drink


    Small selection of snacks, hot and cold drinks are sold on site. There is also a tea room at the Church nearby which is run by church volunteers.

  • Picnic Area

    The entire Outer Bailey is ideal for picnicking. There are picnic benches and a grass area for picnicking in the Inner Bailey. No barbecues, tents or gazebos allowed.
  • Shop

    Gift shop sells snacks, toys and games, stationery, souvenirs and guidebooks.
  • Toilets

    There are no toilet facilities on site. The nearest toilets are located in the large car park outside the castle walls.
  • Exhibition


    An exhibition on the ground floor of the Keep interprets the history of the castle and Portchester village, and displays finds excavated on site from Roman, Saxon, Medieval and Napoleonic periods. There is a ramp which leads to the exhibition.

  • Gardens


    No formal gardens, but over 9 acres of grass area in outer Bailey which is well maintained and ideal for picnicking. There is a also a moat. There is an outer walk which circles the castle with stunning views of the harbour and coastline.

    There is plenty of room for family actives and walks. Ball games and kites are allowed.

  • Audio Tours

    Yes, included in the price. Allocated on a 'first come, first served' basis. The audio tour explains life in the castle over the centuries, from the point of view of some of the people who worked or were incarcerated there.
  • Family Friendly


    Push Chairs Allowed

    Pushchairs welcome, but can only access ground floor levels. Pushchairs may be left in Inner Bailey.
  • International


    Foreign Language Audio Tours

  • Commercial Photograph And Filming

    English Heritage welcomes all photographers to our sites and we hope you will share your pictures with us on Flickr and Facebook. We do have some restrictions at certain locations, so if photography is your main reason for visiting, please call the site ahead of your visit to check if any parts of the site are restricted. We are keen to promote the use of our sites to location managers. If you are interested please go to (Filming Locations) for more information and contacts. English Heritage does not permit drone flying from or over sites in our care, except by contractors or partners undertaking flights for a specific purpose, who satisfy stringent CAA criteria, have the correct insurances and permissions, and are operating under controlled conditions.

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