Plan Your Visit


Use our handy guide to make sure you get the most out of your visit to Stonehenge – whether you have 2 hours, a half day, or a full day to enjoy here. 

However long you can spend with us, the exhibitions, the audio guides and the informative panels will help you to understand Stonehenge, the people who built and used it, and the sacred landscape in which the Stone Circle sits.


If you have two hours or less for your visit you can still enjoy each part of the Stonehenge experience.

  • Start at the visitor centre
  • Take in the Stonehenge virtual stones experience
  • Find out about the monument and its ancient landscape in the exhibition
  • Wander around the Neolithic Village, feel the 'touching stone' and attempt to pull the sarsen
  • Take the shuttle bus to the Stone Circle
  • Return to browse the shop, and take a well-earned break in the café


If you have half a day to spend with us you can enjoy everything a visit to Stonehenge offers, with more time for exploring the exhibitions and the wider landscape.

  • Start at the visitor centre
  • Take in the Stonehenge virtual stones experience
  • Discover more about the monument and prehistory in the exhibition
  • Spend time in the current special exhibition
  • Wander around the Neolithic Houses, take time to talk to the volunteers about how our Neolithic ancestors lived and handle replica artefacts
  • Walk to the Stone Circle (or walk from halfway) and walk, picnic and play in the ancient landscape
  • Return to browse the shop and rest your feet in the café


If you are visiting us for a full day, you can take advantage of more that Wiltshire has to offer. Why not spend a morning at Stonehenge following our half day itinerary, and then visit Old Sarum, a prehistoric fortress, or one of our partner museums: Salisbury Museum and Wiltshire Museum.

We have plenty to keep to you occupied at Stonehenge for a full day, however, you could choose to follow our half day itinerary and still have time to explore further afield.


Wiltshire is a perfect all-year destination with plenty to see, do and experience. Why not extend your Stonehenge visit and see more of what Wiltshire has to offer? From Britain's tallest cathedral spire in Salisbury and magnificent stately homes and gardens through to great shopping experiences, Wiltshire has something for everyone. Find more ideas at Visit Wiltshire.


Just a 10-minute drive away is Old Sarum, site of the original Salisbury. This mighty Iron Age hill fort is where the first cathedral once stood and where Romans, Normans and Saxons have all left their mark.


See more of Wiltshire's prehistoric past at our partner museums who have kindly loaned objects on display at Stonehenge.

Discover 500,000 years of history in Salisbury Museum's Wessex Gallery.


Explore the award-winning major prehistoric Wiltshire exhibition featuring never-before displayed gold finds from the Stonehenge and Avebury landscapes at the Wiltshire Museum.

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