Explore Stonehenge & Wiltshire

If you're lucky enough to have a whole day to spend in the area, why not spend as long as you'd like at Stonehenge on our half-day itinerary, then explore further afield: Old Sarum, a prehistoric fortress, is only a few miles away, or you could dig deeper into Neolithic life by visiting one or both of our partner museums: Salisbury Museum and Wiltshire Museum.

Salisbury Museum

Salisbury Museum's collections include some of the most important archaeological finds outside a national museum in Britain, including artefacts from the Stonehenge World Heritage Site, the Pitt-Rivers Wessex Collection and the Amesbury Archer. 

Discover 500,000 years of history in the Wessex Gallery, a gallery of international importance which places the story of Stonehenge within its wider chronological and regional context whilst telling the story of Salisbury and the surrounding area from prehistoric times to the Norman Conquest. Through innovative story-telling, the displays bring the prehistoric heritage of the area to a wide range of visitors, particularly young people and families. 



Wiltshire Museum

A dazzling display at the Wiltshire Museum in Devizes showcases the greatest treasures from the golden age of Stonehenge. See beautiful Bronze Age burial goods including a gold lozenge, a bronze dagger with a gold-studded hilt, a ceremonial axe and a unique jet pendant. Other displays explore the stories of Saxon Wessex and of Devizes itself. 

Visit Old Sarum

Just a 10-minute drive away is Old Sarum, site of the original city of Salisbury and another site cared for by English Heritage. This mighty Iron Age hill fort is where the first cathedral once stood and where Romans, Normans and Saxons have all left their mark

Visit Wiltshire

Wiltshire is a perfect all-year destination with plenty to see, do and experience. From Britain's tallest cathedral spire in Salisbury and magnificent stately homes and gardens through to great shopping experiences, Wiltshire has something for everyone. Find more ideas at Visit Wiltshire.


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