Temple Manor

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Open weekends, 11am-4pm, from April until November


Rochester, Kent, ME2 2AH

Before You Go

Temple Manor was built in the 13th century by the Knights Templar, a military and religious order founded during the Crusades. Located to the west of the River Medway, the hall was designed to provide lodging for dignitaries travelling between Dover and London.

Now standing in an industrial estate, the manor is a fine example of a medieval building and includes fascinating traces of wall paintings in the first floor hall. A leafy garden provides a fitting setting for the property.

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Before You Go

Access: The grounds are suitable for wheelchairs.

Opening Times: Open weekends, 11am-4pm, from April until November. The site is closed from November until April. View details.

Plan a Great Day Out

Continue your exploration of medieval buildings with a visit to Rochester Castle, which guarded the strategic crossing of the River Medway.  Today, with the nearby cathedral it remains a proud reminder of the history of Rochester. Rochester Castle is just a 15 minute drive from Temple Manor.

You can also explore the ruins of an early Norman 'enclosure castle' at Eynsford and enjoy a picnic in the grounds, just 30 minutes from the site.

Or travel back in time with a visit to Lullingstone Roman Villa. Play Roman board games, try on Roman costumes and handle original building materials. Lullingstone is a 30 minute drive from Temple Manor.

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