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From the stunning architecture of Gothic and medieval abbeys to the beautiful grounds of Brodsworth Hall, there is plenty to discover in Yorkshire this season.

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  • Travel Guide to North Yorkshire

    Explore the commanding castles which march inland from the coast to the Dales, the wild moors and the tranquil ruins of abbeys and priories that you'll find in 'God's own country' of North Yorkshire.

  • Spotlight On Whitby Abbey

    Whitby Abbey has inspired writers and artists for centuries. From the first named Anglo Saxon poet to the world's most famous Gothic novel, uncover the myths and legends which surround this picturesque ruin.

  • Spotlight On Rievaulx Abbey

    Once one of the most important abbeys in England, the ruins of Rievaulx Abbey in Yorkshire are a tranquil place to explore. A new visitor centre after a major conservation project, allowing you to understand the lives of the monks like never before.

  • Postcard from Rievaulx Abbey

    ‘Everywhere Peace, Everywhere Serenity’ - that's how Rievaulx Abbey's most famous abbot, Aelred, described this beautiful place. See Rievaulx from their air with this postcard video.

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