Apsley House

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Silver tableware at Apsley House, London

Stunning Art Collection

Find out more about the 1st Duke of Wellington's famous paintings and magnificent art collection.

Glittering golden shield at Apsley House, London

Enjoy our guide

Delve into the art and history of Apsley House with our multimedia guide, learn about Regency society and much more, as you tour the house.

Venture down to the basement gallery to see items rarely seen before and discover a wealth of fascinating memorabilia including medals and shields.

The Iron Duke

Find out more about the man behind the myth. The 'Iron Duke' lived at Apsley House after defeating Napoleon, and the house remains a residence of the Dukes of Wellington today.

By the time of his death in 1852 the Iron Duke was a national hero, and his house stands as a national shrine to the victor of Waterloo.

Away from his military career, the Duke reputedly had a way with words and many admirers. 

View of the glittering, gold interior of Apsley House, London

Glittering Interiors

Be awed by the palatial wonder of the gilded, glittering interiors and stunning artwork of Apsley House.

Admire the gifts from emperors, tsars, and kings to the Iron Duke. There are nearly 3,000 fine paintings, sculptures and works of art in silver and porcelain, given to Britain's greatest military hero.

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