Browse our online collection for a wide range of souvenirs, clothing, books and gifts to provide memories of your visit, many made in the UK exclusively for Stonehenge.

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Made in Britain

Honey from Salisbury Plain, wine from Lyme Bay and pottery from Staffordshire  - we source locally so you can take home a British-made souvenir.

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Best sellers

Looking for a little something to remember your visit to Stonehenge? Our Stonehenge keyrings and fridge magnets are a popular memento and won't take up too much space in your luggage. If you're thinking about gifts for yourself or others, our country wines and meads make a thoughtful and delicious choice. 

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Clothing and accessories

Socks that rock, hoodies and hats, bags, scarves and our exclusive Barbour range stylishly lined with a Stonehenge trilithon design. There's a wide choice of clothing and accessories which are perfect for freinds and family.

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Our collection of jewellery beautifully crafted from local Sarsen stone and Preselli bluestone is a truly unque reminder of your visit to Stonehenge. 

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