Conditions of Entry 2019

Stonehenge is an ancient prehistoric world heritage site which has been a place of worship and celebration at the time of Summer Solstice for thousands of years.

This important site is seen by many as a sacred place – please respect it and please respect each other.

English Heritage is pleased to provide free Managed Open Access to Stonehenge for Summer Solstice and ask that, if you are planning to join us for this peaceful and special occasion, you follow the Conditions of Entry set out below.  We have a duty of care to ensure your safety and are also responsible for looking after the Stonehenge monument itself.  

During the Summer Solstice access to Stonehenge, we support all individuals and groups conducting their own forms of ceremony and celebration providing that they are mutually respectful and tolerant of one another. 

These Conditions of Entry are written to ensure enjoyment and safety for everyone.

Please make sure you read them before deciding to come to Stonehenge for Summer Solstice. Contravention of any of these conditions will result in entry being refused or your removal from Stonehenge.  English Heritage reserves the right to refuse entry.

  • Amplified music is not permitted in or around the monument field.
  • No alcohol is allowed within the monument or the monument field. Alcohol will be confiscated or individuals in possession of alcohol will be asked to leave. To make arrangements to bring ceremonial mead to Solstice, please contact customer services.
  • Drunken, disorderly and anti-social behaviour will not be tolerated and anybody considered to be behaving in this way will be asked to leave by security staff and/or the police and will not be allowed back in.
  • Illegal drugs are illegal at Stonehenge as they are anywhere else.  The police will be on site and will take action against anyone breaking the law.  
  • Please don’t bring any glass in to the monument field. Many people walk barefoot and livestock and wildlife also graze in the area.  Any glass items will be confiscated. To make arrangements to bring ceremonial mead to Solstice, please contact customer services.
  • Please do not climb or stand on any of the stones – this includes the stones that have fallen.  This is for your own safety and also to protect this special site and respect those around you.  
  • Please be aware that in order to keep everyone safe, searches will be undertaken. Any items that are illegal will be confiscated and your entry refused.
  • Camping equipment, fires, Chinese lanterns, fireworks, candles, tea-lights or BBQs are not permitted at Stonehenge, in the Solstice Car Park, or anywhere in the surrounding National Trust land.
  • In the interests of safety, sleeping bags or duvets are not allowed on site.  Sleeping on the ground creates a trip hazard and can interfere with the work of emergency services and hinder their ability to help people.  Small ground sheets and blankets are permitted for people to sit on but please do not bring chairs etc. (unless used as a recognised disability aid). Shooting-sticks are not permitted. 
  • To help us reduce the amount of litter on site, leafleting or flyering is not allowed.
  • Drones or any type of remote-controlled flying devices are not permitted at Stonehenge or in any of the Solstice Car Parks. 
  • Objects with a sharp point or sharp edge capable of being used to cause serious injury will not be permitted.
  • Counter-terrorism security measures will be in place at Summer Solstice. Only small bags (approx. 30cm x 25cm x 15cm) will be allowed into the Monument Field and searches will be conducted.  We strongly advise you to only bring essential items with you and thank you in advance for your patience.





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