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  • Places to visit: Hadrian's Wall

    Hadrian's Wall is now the most famous frontier of the mighty Roman Empire. Today, it remains an inspiring and atmospheric monument to this incredible civilisation and there are all sorts of places to visit and learn about the Romans.

  • Hadrian's Wall: History and Stories

    Hadrian’s Wall was a rich and vibrant place. It was a border, but it was also a place where borders were crossed. Here, soldiers and civilians from across Europe and North Africa met, traded and served together at the north-western frontier of the Roman Empire.

  • Hadrian's Wall 1,900th anniversary

    2022 celebrates the 1,900th anniversary of the beginning of the construction of Hadrian’s Wall. English Heritage and the wider Hadrian’s Wall partnership are commemorating 1,900 years of history of the UNESCO World Heritage Site in a year-long festival.

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