Romans Quiz

Test your knowledge of Roman England with our quiz. Click on each question to reveal the answer.

  • 6. When Hadrian's Wall was completed in circa AD128, how many forts did it have?

    Answer: 14

    The wall extended along the northern frontier of the Roman Empire, from Wallsend on the east coast of Britain to Bowness-on-Solway on the west coast. Forts were built on the wall approximately every seven miles. There were also smaller milecastles every mile, with two towers between each, creating observation points every third of a mile.


  • 19. Why did Julius have the surname of 'Caesar'?

    Answer: Because of his hair

    Most scholars believe that the name derives from the Latin expression 'caesar', meaning hairy. However, it is unclear whether it originally had straightforward or ironic connotations.

  • 20. When did the last Romans leave Britain?

    Answer: AD410

    By the early 5th century, the Roman Empire was in turmoil. Roman citizens in Britain appealed to the emperor, Honorius, for help when the country was faced with invasion by Picts and Saxons. But Honorius needed the Roman legions in Britain to defend other parts of the Empire that were under attack from barbarian tribes. He drafted a letter to the people of Britain telling them they must 'look to their own defences', thus ending Rome's official ties with Britain.