Stonehenge Quiz

Test your knowledge of Stonehenge with our quiz. Click on each question to reveal the answer.

  • 1. How many stones in the stone circle are visible today? Is it 53, 63,73 or 83?

    Answer: 83

    The stones of the central cluster are made up of larger sarsens and smaller bluestones. The sarsens were erected in two concentric arrangements. The inner one is a horseshoe of five trilithons (the name for two upright stones topped with a horizontal lintel), of which three complete trilithons still stand. Around this are the remains of the outer sarsen circle, which was probably once made up of 30 stones.

  • 4. And where are the smaller bluestones from?

    Answer: The Preseli Hills in south-west Wales

    It's thought that a combination of water and overland travel was used to bring the bluestones to Stonehenge. The stones travelled a distance of at least 156 miles. 

  • 10. An earthwork known as the Avenue connects Stonehenge to what?

    Answer: The River Avon

    The Avenue extends from the entrance of the earthwork enclosure and was built to connect Stonehenge with the River Avon and the small henge on its bank. Today it can be seen in part as low parallel banks enclosing a corridor about 12 metres wide.