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20 Questions Quiz: Historic Gardens

Test your knowledge of our historic gardens with our 20 questions quiz.

  • 2. Answer

    Wrest Park

    Among the additions and enhancements to the grounds made by Jemima, Marchioness Grey (1723–97), were these adornments. She also commissioned Lancelot ‘Capability’ Brown to work on the estate, but was careful not to compromise the character of the existing elegant gardens.

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    Answer: Alexander Pope

    The renowned poet was among the friends of Henrietta Howard, Countess of Suffolk, who built Marble Hill House from 1724. Pope lived just a little upriver along the Thames, and designed his own garden around the same time.

  • 8. Answer

    Answer: Witley Court

    The large, ornate fountain, designed by William Andrews Nesfield during his mid-19th-century revamp of the grounds of this now-ruined Worcestershire palace, was recently restored. It now fires daily from April to the end of October.

  • 12. Answer

    Answer: C 112 acres

    Set amid the undulating expanses of Hampstead Heath, in the extensive grounds at Kenwood you can explore ancient woodland, visit a fascinating late-18th-century dairy, and admire beautiful sculptures and a sham bridge.  

  • 15. Answer

    Answer: Arts and Crafts

    The gardens and house at Mount Grace Priory in North Yorkshire were remodelled around the turn of the 19th century, in a style that began as a reaction to the structured and formal designs of Victorian gardens. Now, 13 acres of Arts and Crafts gardens have been revived, with borders redesigned by award-winning gardener Chris Beardshaw.