The Biggest Quiz in History*

Fancy yourself as a bit of an expert on British history trivia? Or are you hoping to brush up on your knowledge for the family Zoom quiz? Look no further. Test yourself (or your friends and family) with 100 questions on everything from the Bronze Age to the legacy of the Second World War... the Biggest Quiz in History* starts here.

*May not be the biggest quiz in history

NEW: Bonus Round

We've obscured some video footage of five historic sites located all across England. Watch carefully as the dot moves around the screen, revealing clues to the featured castles, gardens and houses...how many can you identify?

Round One

Do you know the capital of the Anglo-Saxon kingdom of Wessex? Or which castle inspired Ed Sheeran's song Castle on the Hill? Get started with round one of The Biggest Quiz in History*.

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Round Two

For round two of the The Biggest Quiz in History* we'll test your knowledge with 25 questions about sieges, blue plaques, abbeys, kings and queens and much more.

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Round Three

Ready for more? Round three of The Biggest Quiz in History* features questions about Queen Victoria and Albert, the First and Second World Wars and even anagrams of some of your favourite English Heritage sites... get those thinking caps on!

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Round Four

We've given round four of The Biggest Quiz in History* a festive theme, plus we've also given you a bit of help and thrown in some multiple choice questions...  'tis the season of goodwill after all!

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