Paintings quiz

To coincide with our Chairman’s Lecture by Alice Tate-Harte about the conservation work of Joachim Beuckelear’s The Vegetable Seller, we’ve put together a Members’ quiz about just some of the paintings in our care.


  • Question 1: At which English Heritage site would you find 'The Vegetable Seller'?

  • Question 2: ‘Madonna of the Pomegranate’ (which can be seen at Ranger’s House under the care of the Wernher Foundation) has been identified as coming from the studio of which Italian Renaissance master?

  • Question 3: This 18th-century painting by Sir Thomas Lawrence depicts Mrs Charles Thellusson and her Son Charles. Which English Heritage site can this painting be found at?

  • Question 4: Who is depicted in this painting? She was patron of the arts, mistress of George II and responsible for the building of Marble Hill.

  • Question 5: At which English Heritage site can you find the ornately decorated Heaven Closet?

  • Question 6: Who was godmother to Sarah Forbes Bonetta, seen here in a recent portrait by Hannah Uzor?

  • Question 7: At which Gloucestershire church will you find incredible wall paintings such as this one of Christ in the act of benediction?

  • Question 8: Which famous Dutch artist is seen in this self-portrait which hangs at Kenwood?

  • Question 9: At which northern site would you find graffiti created by First World War conscientious objectors?

  • Question 10: Which English Heritage site did Dido Belle, pictured here in a portrait by Mikéla Henry-Lowe, spend much of her life?

  • Answers

    Question 1: From a private collection, on loan to English Heritage at Audley End House and Gardens, Essex.

    Question 2: Sandro Botticelli

    Question 3: Brodsworth Hall and Gardens. Purchased, as part of the contents of Brodsworth Hall, from Pamela Williams by the National Heritage Memorial Fund and transferred to English Heritage, 1990.

    Question 4: Henrietta Howard. Purchased with the assistance of the National Heritage Memorial Fund, the Art Fund and the London Historic House Museums Trust.

    Question 5: Bolsover Castle

    Question 6: Queen Victoria

    Question 7: St Mary’s Church Kempley

    Question 8: Rembrandt van Rijn

    Question 9: Richmond Castle

    Question 10: Kenwood House