Image: sun setting behind Stonehenge

Solstice quiz

Test your solstice knowledge with our quiz, written by our Senior Properties Historian, Susan Greaney.

  • 9 Which famous astronaut visited Stonehenge in 2015?

    Answer: Buzz Aldrin

    Buzz visited Stonehenge with his family during a trip to the UK. He used the visit to promote his ShareSpace Foundation, and his mission for people to travel to and colonise Mars. During their tour, he asked us where we kept the aliens! 

  • 11 Which astronomer and author wrote 'Stonehenge Decoded' in 1965?

    Answer: Gerald Hawkins

    Gerald Hawkins used an early IBM computer to analyse the astronomy of Stonehenge, finding hundreds of possible alignments. He came up with a theory that the Aubrey Holes, just inside the bank and ditch, had been used to predict lunar eclipses, claiming that Stonehenge was a ‘Neolithic computer’. Many of his ideas have now been disproved.