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Inspiring Itineraries

There are so many inspiring ways to experience the rich layers of England's story at our historic places.

If you know which area of the country you want to explore, we have created some inspiring itineraries for you, grouped by region.

Or, if your group is tempted by architecture of all ages, gardens cultiated over centuries, the brushstrokes of an Old Master or the intracacies of an interior then you can view our properties grouped by type or collection.

We are happy to help you put an itinerary together and can provide marketing materials to ensure it is successful.

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Inspired Days Out

  • History of Defence

    England's castles stand as enduring symbols of our island's past. Their might walls once withstood sieges, threatened rebels and sheltered kings. Today we welcome visitors to 66 of the most magnificent castle in the country, and many of them featuring group-friendly facilities you'd expect from a modern-day visitor attraction. 

  • Historic Horticulture

    From grand landscapes to kitchen gardens, and from pleasure grounds to parterres, we care for some of England's finest, and they are a highlight of a visit to one of our sites. The best way to unearth a garden's past and pick up a tip or two is to pre-book your group onto a guided tour. Most of our garden sites offer them.

  • Monastic History

    A visit to one of our monastic sites will give your group vivid insights into religious life in medieval England. They'll discover more about how monks and nuns lived, prayed and worked, and about how they interacted with wider society.

  • Uncover our collections

    From ancient artefacts to Roman remains and from amazing artworks to priceless jewellery, we have some enthralling collections on display to wow your groups.

  • Historic Houses

    Discover both sides of England's aristocratic past at grand houses across the country, where the wealthy elite lived in luxury and the working classes endured long days of labour. Groups can experience life upstairs and downstairs and find out what led to the rise and fall of the age of the country house. 

  • Take a Tour

    When you book a guided tour with one of our experts or knowledgeable volunteers, your group will discover the fascinating facts and deepest secrets behind some of England's finest historic attractions. Many of our sites host pre-booked tours, and some can even tailor them into something very special just for you.

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