History at Home

You might not be able to get out and visit our historic sites, but we’re still here to help you discover the best stories from England’s past.

On this page we’ve gathered all of our stay-at-home favourites, from videos and podcasts to old-fashioned recipes and historical how-tos.

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Family Fun and Games

Explore history with our crafts, videos and activities

There are plenty of ways to engage the family in discovering our nation's past.

Explore our collection of teaching resources and creative ideas for things to make and do while at home, whether it’s building a model roundhouse, colouring in a Roman street scene, or designing your own coat of arms.


    Read our tips on how to create the best learning environment for children, including how to approach teaching the same topic to different ages and abilities.


    Our free learning resources are packed with everything you need to give your learners a deep insight into the history of our places. Browse by theme, key stage and region.


    Test your history know-how with our quizzes. Whether just challenging yourself or hosting a virtual quiz with family and friends, we've got your history rounds covered.

  • Design a coat of arms

    Follow our instructions to create your own version of the colourful decoration that knights had on their shields and wore as part of their outfits.

  • Kids Home

    Learn about England’s history and discover more about everyday life in the past, from the rich and famous to the general population, through fun facts, illustrated stories and games. 

  • Kids Rule! Videos

    Travel back in time with our videos and have fun with history. Watch as we interview Henry VIII, put your Roman knowledge to the test with Rattus Rattus, go on an animated journey through the story of England and more.

  • Tasty Historical Makes and Bakes

    Serve up a slice of history with these delicious recipes from the past.  Whip up a batch of Mrs Crocombe's favourite Queen Drop Biscuits, bake a medieval pie, watch our interview with a Tudor cook and more.

Colour your own Norman Town

Download this Norman colouring page to create your own version of our history timeline poster!  Read through the introduction to the Norman Conquest and life in Norman England, then get creative with coloured pencils, pens or paints. 

Download your colouring sheet

Colour your own Anglo-Saxon settlement

Download this Anglo-Saxon Settlement colouring sheet to create your own version of our history timeline poster!  Read through our introduction to life in Anglo-Saxon England, then get creative with coloured pencils, pens or paints. 

Download your colouring sheet

Colour your own Roman Town

Download this colouring sheet to create your own version of our Roman history timeline poster!  Read through our introduction to Roman England, then get creative with coloured pencils, pens or paints. 

Download your colouring sheet

Colour your own Prehistoric Settlement

Download this colouring sheet to create your own version of our Prehistoric history timeline poster!  Read through the introduction to this era of history, then get creative with coloured pencils, pens or paints. 

Download your colouring sheet


Step into England’s story with our weekly podcast.

Join presenter Charles Rowe as we bring the history of our sites to life with news, views and expert interviews across 50+ episodes.


History From Above

See our sites from the skies

English Heritage cares for over 400 historic sites across England, each with their own story to tell. From Castles to Abbeys, monuments to gardens, these sites are even more remarkable when viewed from the air.

Join us as we take to the skies to explore these places from the past from a whole new perspective.


    Carlisle Castle is a dominating presence - a fortress with a long and sometimes grim history, standing proud in the city it has watched over for nine centuries.


    Once a fearsome fortress, muster your courage and explore Framlingham Castle's towering walls. It was behind these walls that Mary Tudor was proclaimed Queen of England.


    Surrounded by open countryside, Goodrich Castle in Herefordshire is perhaps one of the finest and best preserved of all English medieval castles.


    The lost city of Old Sarum crowns a ridge with sweeping views towards modern Salisbury. Iron Age people raised its mighty prehistoric earthworks in about 500 BC, but the ruined walls are still clearly visible today.


    Queen Victoria and Prince Albert's family home. Take a glimpse into the private life of the royal family and enjoy the vast estate and gardens.


    ‘Everywhere peace, everywhere serenity’ - that's how Rievaulx Abbey's most famous abbot, Aelred, described this beautiful place.


    Float in the footsteps of Neolithic people at Stonehenge – one of the wonders of the world and the best-known prehistoric monument in Europe.


    Wrest Park is a real treat for the senses - 90 acres of idyllic, award-winning gardens that reflect England's love affair with landscape.


Our blog has been running for over six years now, and it’s packed with brilliant history articles on everything from the stories behind our statues to the history of artificial light.

Now there’s a bright idea.


History In Focus

Chart the movements of the sun, moon and planets above the iconic stone circle via our Stonehenge Skyscape online experience.

Explore site histories authored by top historians, or listen to Speaking with Shadows, the podcast that listens to the people that history forgot.

Plus, go in-depth and discover fascinating stories, from wartime wardrobes and the remarkable life of Alan Turing, to video games inspired by English history and the humble origins of the biscuit.

  • 2000 years of board games

    We are all familiar with classics like Monopoly™ and Scrabble™, but the first known board games originated from Egypt around 5,500 years ago and have evolved across cultures and societies ever since.

  • The Story of Windrush

    Colin Grant explores the extraordinary story of the Windrush, why it has been characterised as the foundation story of mass migration to Britain, and the experiences of the remarkable people who made Britain their home.


    England has often been at the forefront of creating and codifying games and sports. Sports historian Nigel à Brassard takes a closer look at seven highlights from England’s sporting past.

  • A Brief History of Knights

    Forget what you think you know about knights in shining armour. In this article Historian Dr Charles Kightly breaks down the myths to reveal a brief history of medieval knights.

Blue Plaques

Commemorating notable figures of the Second World War

Explore more Armed Forces Blue Plaques
  • Sir Douglas Bader

    RAF Fighter Pilot

    As Flight Commander in No.222 Squadron, Bader supported the Dunkirk evacuation. He was later captured and imprisoned at Colditz.

  • Martha Gellhorn

    War Correspondent

    Reported from France, England, Czechoslovakia, Finland and the Far East, even stowing away on a hospital ship to avoid detection. 

  • Violette Szabo, G.C.

    Secret Agent

    Operative for the French section of the Special Operations Executive and the first British woman to be awarded the George Cross.

  • Field Marshal Viscount Gort V.C.

    Commander-in-Chief at Dunkirk

    John Vereker, 6th Viscount Gort, commanded the British Expeditionary Force which was evacuated from Dunkirk under Operation Dynamo.

Behind the Scenes

Caring for over 400 historic places covers everything from essential building repair works and restoring paintings, to planting historic gardens and keeping them blooming throughout the year.

Join us as we go behind the scenes to find out more about what it takes to protect England's past.


    Go behind-the-scenes at Walmer Castle’s kitchen garden and discover how an expert team of gardeners, volunteers and kitchen staff grow and prepare delicious seasonal produce all year round for visitors to enjoy.

  • The Making of Tintagel Bridge

    Join James Strawbridge as he shares his fascination with the medieval castle and shows the journey of the making of the bridge, which has reunited the separated halves of Tintagel for the first time in over 500 years.

  • Wall Painting Conservation

    Find out the history behind the wall paintings at Longthorpe Tower in Cambridgeshire, and how conservators from the Courtauld Institute of Art are currently restoring them using original techniques.


    Frank and Sue Ashworth have been making London's blue plaques for English Heritage since 1984. We visited them at home in Cornwall to find out more about the process and their role in the scheme.


Our website and social channels are packed with ways to discover England’s past, but there are also plenty of other options around to help you get your fix of world history.

Take a look at our favourite history-themed websites, apps, podcasts and videos, all of which are available to enjoy for free.

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