Discovery Visits at Kenilworth Castle

Sandford Award winner 2021!

Let your students delve deeper into the history of Kenilworth Castle during an expert-led, award-winning Discovery Visit. Our interactive sessions are a great way to bring history to life and support your teaching in the classroom for KS1-4 and are just £100 per group per session.

"Well thought-out resources and a knowledgeable team supports both self-led visits and facilitator-led Discovery Visits to ensure that students have high-quality learning experiences." Sandford Awards Assessor's Report 2021

Elizabethan England GCSE Tour


This expert-led tour of Kenilworth Castle is designed to support GCSE groups learning about Elizabethan England, particularly the AQA exam module ‘Elizabethan England, c1568-1603’. Through engaging discussion and activity, students will explore key aspects of Elizabeth I’s reign, as well as the location, function, structure and design of Kenilworth Castle. Later tour times available during the summer term, please enquire for more details.

  • Availability: Monday to Friday all year during term time
  • Session lasts for 1 1/2 hours
  • £100 per session
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Developed to support your study of the historic environment for GCSE History, this castle tour meets aspects of the requirements for OCR History A or B. Explore the architecture and discover what different parts of the site reveal about changing needs and attitudes from the 12th to the 16th century.

  • Availability: Monday to Friday all year during term time
  • Session lasts for 1 1/2 hours
  • £100 per session
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Medieval Castle Quest

Geography, History
KS2, KS3

Investigate Kenilworth Castle’s medieval architecture and history. Your class will work in teams as they explore the castle and gather clues on a quest to find out how it was used in medieval times. They will discover and identify key defensive and domestic features at Kenilworth, and some replica artefacts to develop their skills in observation and historical enquiry.

  • Availability: Monday to Friday all year during term time
  • Session lasts for 1 1/2 hours
  • £100
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Life in a Castle

Drama, Geography, History
KS1, KS2

Compare life then to now. Your class will become history detectives, investigating the castle to find evidence that it was once a home for many people, and how it differs to the way we live today.

  • Availability: Monday to Friday all year during term time
  • Session lasts for 1 1/4 hours
  • £100 per session
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Plan your trip

We have a wide range of materials to support your visit and make school trip planning easy. You can find all our site-specific information and tools below, and further information on our what to expect page

Download our free resources to help you make the most out of your visit and create unique learning experiences before, during and after your trip. We also offer free planning visits once you have made a booking, plus a 20% discount on the official English Heritage guidebook for your place of choice.

Once you book your visit you’ll be sent a visit permit, which you’ll need to bring with you on the day.

Visit our bookings page to start planning your trip! 

  • Facilities
    • PARKING: Car park with coach parking opposite entrance.
    • TOILETS: Unisex toilet located in Leicester's Gatehouse. 
    • SHOP: The shop is open for small groups of 10 students accompanied by a leader. Alternatively, you can order goody bags, which can be booked in advance paid for on the day.
    • EDUCATION SPACE: The education space is currently unavailable.
    • LEICESTER’S GATEHOUSE: Entry to Leicester's Gatehouse cannot be guaranteed. Please inquire at the Visitor Centre on arrival if you wish to book a timed entry slot.
    • LUNCH: You are welcome to bring a picnic to eat in the grounds. There are picnic benches and grassed areas to sit on. In the case of wet weather we will try to provide an indoor space, but this cannot be guaranteed. 
    • ACCESSIBILITY: There are accessible toilet facilities on site. Please also note that much of the site has uneven surfaces. Some areas of the castle are accessed via steps and stairs.

    Site Map

    Kenilworth Site Map


  • Hazard Information

    A useful tool to help with your risk assessments. 

    You must meet the following ratios for leaders to students on the day of your visit when booking, and if your group is forming smaller groups while at the site:

    • Ages 4-5 (UK Reception) 1 leader for every 4 students (1:4)
    • Ages 5-7 (UK Key Stage 1) 1 leader for every 6 students (1:6)
    • Ages 7-11 (UK Key Stage 2) 1 leader for every 10 students (1:10) and
    • Ages 11-18 (UK Key Stages 3, 4, and 5) 1 leader for every 15 students (1:15)
    • For an adult learning group, consisting of individuals all over the age of 18, there are no ratios but there must be an appointed group leader
    • All ratios outlined above apply to home education groups
    • If your group consists of children aged 3 and/or 4, you must also refer to the Early Years and Foundation Stage Statutory Framework which sets out specific legal requirements for minimum ratios for this age group, to include requirements about the qualifications of the leaders
    • SEND groups must meet the minimum ratios above but may bring any additional leaders as required to adequately support their group
  • Education Site Opening Times

    We offer free self-led education visits during school term time*. From November until March we open exclusively for education groups at selected sites when booking an expert-led Discovery Visit. See our education opening times below for individual site information.

    *Free education visits are not offered on UK public holidays or during the operation of additional fee paying public events at English Heritage sites.

    • April-June: Monday-Sunday 10-5pm. Discovery Visits available Monday-Friday
    • July-August: Monday-Sunday 10-6pm. Discovery Visits available Monday-Friday
    • September-5 November: Monday-Sunday 10-5pm. Discovery Visits available Monday-Friday
    • 6 November-23 December: Saturday-Sunday 10-4pm. Discovery Visits available Monday-Friday
    • 26 December-1 January: Monday-Sunday 10-4pm
    • 2 January-9 February: Saturday-Sunday 10-4pm. Discovery Visits available Monday-Friday
    • 10 February-18 February: Monday-Sunday 10-4pm
    • 19 February-31 March: Wednesday-Sunday 10-4pm. Discovery Visits available Monday-Friday

Planning Your Visit

Planning your visit couldn’t be easier with the help of our resources. However if you need more details or have specific questions about your trip or our Free Self-Led or Expert Led visits, please get in touch with our Education Booking Team on 0370 333 0606

Kenilworth Castle and Elizabethan Garden

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