School Visits

School Visits

Come and discover the semi-subterranean bunker which acted as a nerve centre during the Cold War to monitor nuclear fallout in Yorkshire from 1961 until 1991 in the event of a nuclear attack.

Curriculum Links

Visit and gain curriculum-insight across various key stages:

  • KS2-4: Local History Project
  • KS3: Challenges for Britain, Europe and the wider world 1901 to present day
  • GCSE/A/AS Level/Degree: The Cold War, Communist Russia, World Superpowers
Embroidered Air Force badges on a coat

Expert Led School Visits

Immerse yourself in our fascinating hands-on expert led Discovery visit:

HOT WAR COLD WAR (KS2-KS4, A Level, Universities): Why did the Cold War emerge? What was the role of the Royal Observation Corps in York's bunker? Through an expert-led tour, object handling and original audio-visual footage, students will develop a greater understanding of life inside and outside the bunker during this potentially devastating era.  

Duration: 1 1/2 Hours Cost: £100 for up to 35 people

ENQUIRE NOW - Call 0370 333 0606.

Plan Your Trip

  • Facilities
    • A free site visit to help you plan your school trip
    • 20% discount on the official EH site guidebook.
    • Parking is located directly opposite the site entrance.
    • A unique handling collection to help supplement your visit
  • How to book

    0370 333 0606

  • Opening Times:

    • November to March - Sundays, 10am to 4pm: general public opening. Weekdays and Saturdays: booked school groups only.
    • 30th March 2015 Onwards - Please check back nearer the time

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