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Where to visit in the Midlands

From the Roman town of Wroxeter to the medieval castle Elizabeth I herself visited in Kenilworth, the Midlands in full of sites to explore as part of a free self-led visit with your class. 

Sites to visit in Derbyshire

  • Bolsover Castle

    Great for: Medievals, Stuarts,
    Subjects covered: History, Geography, Art & Design
    Expert-led Discovery Visit: Society, Science and Civil War (Upper KS2-3)
    Free resources: Teachers' Kit KS1-4+, Schools Multi-media Guide (KS2)

  • Peveril Castle

    Great for: Normans
    Subjects covered: History, Geography
    Free resources: Teachers’ Resource Pack (KS2-3), Timeline (KS2-3), Teachers’ Activity Ideas (KS2-3), Activity Trail (KS3), Activity Trail Teachers’ Guide (KS3)

Visit Herefordshire

  • Goodrich Castle

    Great for: Norman, Medieval and Civil War Castles
    Subjects covered: History, Geography, Drama
    Expert-led Discovery Visits: Feast! A Day in the Life of a Page (KS1-2)
    Free resources: Teachers’ Kit (KS1-4+), OCR Spec B: History Around Us (GSCE) site proposal

  • Search for trips across the country

    Search our 400+ sites across the country to find your perfect school trip. From Roman forts and Victorian halls in the north, to cliff top castles and the iconic Stonehenge in the south, you're never far away from one of our sites, which cover a range of historical periods and topics.

Sites to visit in Leicestershire

Sites to see in Lincolnshire

  • Gainsborough Old Hall

    Great for: Tudors
    Subjects covered: History, Drama
    Expert-led Discovery Visits: Prepare for a Feast: The King is Coming (KS1-2)
    Free resources: Top Things to See (KS2)

  • St Peter's Church

    Great for: Saxon and Medieval churches, medicine through time
    Subjects covered: History, Science, Religious Studies

Sites to Visit in Northamptonshire


Great for: Tudors, Stuarts, Landscaping
Subjects covered: History, Geography

Sites in Shropshire

  • Boscobel House and The Royal Oak

    Great for: The Civil Wars, Outdoor Learning
    Subjects covered: History
    Free resources: Teachers’ Kit (KS1-4)

  • Wenlock Priory

    Great for: Monks and Monasteries
    Subjects covered: History, Religious Studies

  • Wroxeter Roman City

    Great for: Roman daily life
    Subjects covered: History
    Expert-led Discovery Visits: Romans at Wroxeter (KS2), A Wroxeter Experience (KS2)
    Free resources: Teachers’ Kit (KS1-4+)

Visit Warwickshire


Great for: Medieval, Tudor, Significant Individuals 
Subjects covered: History
Expert-led Discovery Visits: Elizabethan England GCSE Tour (KS4), OCR GCSE Tour (KS4), Medieval Castle Quest (KS2-3), Life in a Castle (KS1-2)
Free resources: Teachers’ Kit (KS1-4+), OCR Spec B: History Around Us (GSCE) site proposal

School Visits to Worcestershire


Great for: Victorians, Outdoor Learning
Subjects covered: History, Science, Art and Design
Free resources: Teachers Kit (KS1-3)

Free self-led Visits

Lead your visit in your own way for free. We offer free entry to pre-booked schools and other learning groups at any of the 400+ historic places in our care.

Use our free downloadable resources to help support your planning. What's more, when you've booked your visit you'll also receive a 20% discount on a guidebook of your choice. Remember to check our what to expect page and T&Cs to make sure you have everything you need ahead of your trip.


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Expert-Led Discovery Visits

Our award-winning and immersive Discovery Visits workshops for KS1-4 are available at selected sites from just £100 per session per class. Students of all ages and abilities can meet characters from the past, role-play, dress up and become history detectives.

These sessions are curriculum-aligned and have been designed to inspire and support your learning in and out of the classroom.

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Local Learning

By exploring your local area you can introduce your pupils to the stories behind the places your pupils interact with every day and help them compare and contrast their lives now with lives in the past. From Norman settlements like Castle Acre to Tudor fortresses like Deal Castle, and prehistoric monuments like Stonehenge, there's lots to discover on your doorstep.

We've brought together ideas for studying your local history by using our sites across the country. Use our site-specific pages as inspiration to help you bring local stories to life for your pupils.

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