Step into spring this Easter at over 60 historic sites across the country. Our historic grounds and gardens are perfect family-friendly spaces, and between 29 March – 18 April 24 sites are hosting outdoor Easter Adventure Quests. Explore the outdoor trails, crack the clues and search for dragon eggs to win your chocolate reward.

Our sites are all Covid-secure, and there are extra measures in place to help keep everyone safe. When you’re planning your Easter adventure, please bear in mind the government’s advice to minimise travel.

Find out which sites are open, or see below to find an Adventure Quest near you.

On this page you can also find ideas for Easter crafts, catch up with Mrs Crocombe or dig deeper into England’s Easter traditions and customs.

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Check out our 'how to' videos and activity guides below to help prepare for one of our Easter Adventure Quests.

  • Make your own clay dragon

    If you're feeling creative and would rather create mythical beasts than slay them, follow our tips on how to make your very own dragon out of clay.

  • How to make a shield

    Get prepared for your Easter adventure by making your own shield. Decorate it with your own heraldic design and have the best looking protection around.

  • How to make a sword

    No adventure is complete without a trusty sword at your side. Take a look at our instructions for making your own out of cardboard and improve your swordsmanship.

  • How to Decorate Eggs for Easter

    Looking for fun crafts and activities to enjoy this Easter? Look no further than our guide to decorating Pace Eggs with colourful dyes.

How to Make Saffron Buns

Join Mrs Crocombe, the Victorian cook, as she shows you how to create your own Saffron Buns.

They are a lovely treat, guaranteed to bring a bit of colour to any Easter table.

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History In Focus

  • How the English Celebrated Easter

    Over the centuries, Easter has become associated with many different traditions. From baked goods to ball games and bunnies, discover some of the ways that the English have celebrated Easter throughout history.

  • Why do we eat eggs at Easter

    Discover the medieval tradition of decorating eggs by dying them in bright colours, why an egg roll doesn’t actually involve any bread, and follow our instructions to make your own colourful pace eggs.

  • Saxon Easter customs and where they survived

    Easter gives us an insight into the customs of ordinary Saxons, before the Norman Conquest changed the culture of England. Rowena Willard-Wright, Senior Curator of Collections and Interiors, explains how.

  • Dragons and their Origins

    Where did the dragon myth originate, and why are dragon stories so widespread across at least two continents? Carolyne Larrington, Professor of medieval European literature at the University of Oxford, investigates.

Podcast: The History of the Easter Hunt

Step into England's story with the English Heritage podcast.

Join presenter Charles Rowe and Senior Properties Historian Andrew Hann to discover how the seasonal tradition of the Easter egg hunt started, how the tradition has evolved, and when natural eggs were replaced by the chocolate variety we're more familiar with today.

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