Things to see and do

Things to see and do

A property steward talking to guests in the Great Tower.

Great Tower

Step inside the Great Tower and immerse yourself in a medieval palace like no other.

Be transported to a world of courtly intrigue and royal ambition, as you experience the vibrant colour and rich furnishings of one of medieval England's most important castles.

Meet the royal court of King Henry II as the castle is brought to life on selected dates throughout the year.

Visitors exploring the WWII Underground Hospital.

Underground Hospital

Experience the sights, sounds and smells of this authentic underground hospital.

Follow the dramatic journey of a wounded WWII pilot, fighting for his life as he is rushed through to the operating theatre.

See the living conditions in the tunnels and hear about the difficulties of treating injuries in such close proximity to falling enemy bombs.

A family views a wall projection about Operation Dynamo inside Dover Castle

Operation Dynamo

In May 1940 the greatest rescue of all time took place, masterminded right here deep within Dover's secret wartime tunnels.

See, hear and feel the danger as the events and people from the Dunkirk evacuation are made real. Journey through the tunnels deep beneath the castle as special effects, projections and real film footage bring this dramatic rescue operation to life.

Arrive early to ensure you get a tour, and see for yourself how the tide turned in Dunkirk.

A re-enactor and child next to the WWII 3" Gun.

WW1 Fire Command Post

During the First World War, the Dover area was officially designated as a fortress with Dover Castle acting as military headquarters. Our recreated fire command post reveals the story of this important period in the castle's history, and is also home to the only working British 3 Inch Gun in the world, which performs regular firing demonstrations on weekends each summer.

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This restoration of the fire command post was supported by the National Lottery Heritage Fund and Friends of Dover Castle.

The Roman Pharos and St Mary in Castro church (St Mary in the Castle)

Romans and Saxons

Discover the oldest surviving lighthouse in the country, and one of the oldest in the world, the Roman Pharos. Once used to aid navigation by Romans across the English Channel from France.

Next door to the lighthouse is the Anglo-Saxon church of St Mary in Castro.

The working church was partly rebuilt in the medieval era, and was restored by the Victorians after many years of neglect. Today why not take time to pause and reflect, in the light of the stained glass windows. Times of services can be found here.

A cannon in the Medieval Tunnels.

Medieval Tunnels

Descend at your own pace into the eerie, winding medieval tunnels, burrowed beneath the castle during and after the Siege of 1216. These covert defences protect the most vulnerable side of the castle from attack.

There's still more to see at Dover including the Princess of Wales' Royal Regiment Museum, and the battlements walk. A visit to Dover Castle can easily fill a whole day or more.

Plan your visit to Dover Castle today.

The Bunker at Dover Castle

The Bunker

Challenge your friends and family to solve puzzles and crack codes in a race against the clock, at our brand new Escape Room.

Inspired by the castle's real life Cold War history, our scenario pitches visitors into a Cold War turned hot. With the missiles on their way, can you reach the safety of the bunker in time?

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Enjoy a delicious cream tea of scone, clotted cream and jam at Dover Castle

Food and Drink

We have several eateries tucked within the castle walls offering a wide variety of refreshments to satisfy your appetite.

From snacks and sandwiches to hearty hot food, with an emphasis on home cooking and local ingredients.

Vegetarian, gluten and dairy free, as well as children's options are also available.

PWRR Museum

Dover Castle is home to the official museum of the Princess of Wales' Royal Regiment and The Queen's Regiment. Visit the museum to discover the history of the regiments and their forebears since 1572, and see fascinating items from their collection. Among the exhibits is a scarf once owned by Queen Victoria, as well as one of the famous footballs kicked 'over the top' during the Battle of the Somme in 1916.

The Museum is located in the Keep Yard, adjacent to the Great Tower, and can be visited during the castle's opening hours.

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