School Visits

1. Apsley House

The home of the first Duke of Wellington and his descendants, Apsley House offers memorable learning experiences for all school groups. The house and its stunning interiors provide a unique insight into Regency aristocratic life in London, whilst the artwork and artefacts reveal the clash of Empires which helped define modern Europe at the Battle of Waterloo. Take your group on an interactive self-led tour using our free Activity Trail resource and get hands-on with history in each room using our object bags filled with replicas linking to the activities.

Visit Apsley House

2. Down House

Bring the curriculum to life and inspire your students at the former home of Charles Darwin and the site where the internationally renowned 'On the Origin of Species' was written. From Victorian interiors and original furniture inside the house, to gardens of Special Scientific Interest, there is plenty for school groups to see at Down House. Book a free self-led visit or try our expert-led Discovery Visit 'Darwin's Daring Discoveries', where your students can investigate Darwin's theory of evolution by natural selection.

Visit Down House

3. Eltham Palace

Eltham Palace, where medieval grandeur sits alongside 1930s opulence and cutting edge design, boasts a fascinating experience for school groups, with stunning architecture and interior designs to enjoy. Explore Henry VIII’s childhood home in the medieval Great Hall and learn about the exciting changes and developments of the inter-war years in the Courtauld’s family home. With 19 acres of beautifully landscaped gardens, featuring medieval and 20th century elements, Eltham Palace provides a unique variety of learning opportunities on a free self-led school visit.

Visit Eltham Palace

4. Kenwood

A neoclassical jewel on an 18th century gentleman's estate, Kenwood is a unique feature in the modern London landscape. Highlights include the renowned Robert Adam interiors housing the exquisite artwork from the Old Masters, and the stunning landscape of Hampstead Heath featuring intriguing sculptures and architecture to explore. From life in Georgian England, to Britain's role in the creation and abolition of the transatlantic slave trade, Kenwood boasts a variety of learning opportunities for school groups. Choose to enhance your day with our expert-led Discovery Visit, Kenwood Connections and explore the emergence of the abolition movement of the 18th-century.

Visit Kenwood

5. Ranger's House

Experience culture and inspire creativity at one of London's most elegant historic houses and home to the extensive Wernher art collection. Discover beautiful interiors and over 700 works of art, including medieval sculptures, enamels, ornate jewellery, Renaissance paintings, Dutch Old Masters and French tapestries.  To make the most of your visit, download our KS4 Self-Led Artworks Guide, for invaluable insight into the history of art, artists and craftspeople as well as useful site information.

Visit Ranger's House

6. Marble Hill House

Set against the River Thames in Richmond, Marble Hill is a beautiful example of an arcadian retreat from crowded 18th-century London. Thanks to funding from the National Lottery and the support of lottery players, we have developed a new expert-led Discovery Visit workshop for KS1-3. Learn about life during the Georgian period through key figure Henrietta Howard, explore the landscape of Marble Hill House with an outside tour of the grounds, and create a clay tile inspired by the visit. 

Visit Marble Hill House