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The places cared for by English Heritage span the story of England, from prehistory to the Cold War. Delve into our history pages to discover more about our sites, how they have changed over time, and who made them what they are today.

Our property histories will give you a concise and authoritative chronological overview of a site through the ages, authored by top historians. And with our stories and profile pages you can learn more about the key events and people who shaped our sites, including the women and LGBTQ+ figures who have sometimes been hidden from view.

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Josie Long at Bolsover Castle in Derbyshire
Josie Long at Bolsover Castle in Derbyshire

Speaking with Shadows podcast

When you’re wandering about a historic place, what voices do you hear echoing off the walls? Are they the ones you learnt about at school – or do you wonder about the shadowy, quiet voices that may have gone unheard?

Speaking with Shadows is the podcast which listens to the people that history forgot. Join presenter Josie Long as she travels across the country to seek out stories from the hidden corners of England’s history. 

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  • Women in history

    Read about the remarkable lives of some of the women who have left their mark on society and shaped our way of life.

  • LGBTQ History

    LGBTQ history has often been hidden from view. Find out about the lives of some LGBTQ individuals and their place in the stories of English Heritage sites.

  • Black history

    Black history is a key part of England’s story, reaching back many centuries, and helps us to reflect on the connections between past and present.


    England’s prehistoric monuments span almost four millennia. Discover what they were used for, how and when they were built, and where to find them.

  • Medieval Castles

    Discover the stories held within the walls of England’s greatest fortifications and learn about the rise and fall of the medieval castle.

  • Abbeys and Priories

    Learn about England’s medieval monasteries and uncover the stories of those who lived and prayed in them.


    Find out all about the Battle of Hastings, and the profound impact the Normans had on the country they had conquered.


    Discover how the Civil Wars unfolded at English Heritage’s properties – from ferocious sieges to the Isle of Wight castle where Charles I was held prisoner.


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