The Romans

Welcome to our guide to the Romans. Learn about England’s history, discover more about English Heritage sites and find loads of fun things to watch, read and do! Here's what we've got in store for you:

Image: three Roman soldiers marching along a road

How did life change after the Romans invaded?

How did life change after the Romans invaded Britain? From food to houses, transport to bathtime, life as a part of the Roman Empire brought some big changes with it! 

Step into some 'caligae' (Roman sandals) and let us take you on a mini tour through Roman ‘Britannia’ to find out what happened.

Step into Roman Britain
Image: Illustration of wealthy Romans  tucking into a feast of different foods

What's for dinner in a Roman villa?

An extravagant feast is taking place at Lullingstone Villa in the 4th century – and you're invited! The guests are wearing their finest clothes and eating expensive imported food and drink, but what is for dinner?

Find out what's on the menu and download a poster to colour in your own kitchen scene. Then try cooking a Roman burger recipe for yourself!

Get a taste of the past!

Things to make and do: get creative with our Roman themed activities

A model of the prefect’s house at Housesteads Roman Fort


Find out about life at Housesteads Roman Fort on Hadrian's Wall, the most complete example of a Roman fort in Britain.  Then, download the template and follow our easy step by step instructions to make your own model of the prefect’s house at the fort.

Make a model
  • Colour a Roman poster

    Download this colouring poster showing a busy Roman town, and bring the scene to life with your coloured pencils, pens or paints!


    Romans used wax tablets to write down important notes. Find out about this handy tool and learn how to make your very own 21st-century version.


    Roman Villas were decorated with beautiful mosaics.  Watch our video to discover why and how they were made, and how you can make your own. 

  • Make a tasty Roman Burger

    You may think burgers are American, but the Romans beat them to it! Download the recipe and ask a grown-up to help you make Roman burgers.

At the Edge of the Empire

What was life like as a Roman soldier stationed at Hadrian's Wall?

Built to guard the north-west frontier of the Roman Empire from the wild north (today's Scotland), the wall was home to soldiers and civilians from all over the empire. Read this page to dive into the wall in detail...

Explore the Edge of the Empire

Test your knowledge with our quizzes!

Could you impress with your knowledge about life in the Roman military – or perhaps life in the Emperor's family is more your thing? And do you know your centurion from your Caesar?

It's time to find out as you test your knowledge with our fun quizzes.

Read Kids Rule! online

Read issues 2 and 14 of Kids Rule! magazine to learn about life in Roman Britain, discover Hadrian's Wall, see if you know your ceaser from your centurion, find out what Romans ate for dinner and much more!

The Kids Rule! magazine series follows the history of England, to help you discover more about the past through fun facts, illustrated stories, games, puzzles and competitions.

Roman poster: make your mega timeline!

We've created a series of posters showing how people lived in England through the ages, like this one showing life in a busy Roman settlement.

Each of the posters follows on from each other, so that when you download them all from the Kids Rule! pages, you can create your own mega timeline of English history!

Download the Roman poster
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